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Haifei's novels seminar was held in Beijing 2014-05-19


Haifei’s novel “Going Home” was held at the China Modern Literature Museum in Beijing the day before. At the meeting, many famous literary critics and scholars commented on this work from various angles. It is generally believed that this is a rare outstanding work of anti-Japanese theme in recent years. The seminar was jointly organized by the Literature and Art Newspaper, the Propaganda Department of the CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee, the Zhejiang Publishing Union Group, and the Zhejiang Writers Association. A valuable exploration novel, "Going Home", was published by Zhejiang Literature and Art Publishing House in March this year. The story of the novel was conceived based on the people and events that took place in the anti-Japanese base area in Ningbo, and described a group of wounded soldiers of the Kuomintang and the Communists who were eager to go home for a stable day. In order to stop the invasion of the Japanese army, they took up arms and local people. The story of defending the country and defending the country and taking the righteousness of the family reflects the heroic spirit of the Chinese children who are not afraid of violence, and who are unyielding. At the seminar, experts and scholars believe that everyone's expectation of "going home" in "Going Home" is actually the expectation of "peace". This family is both a country and a small family for everyone to survive. It is essentially human. An ideal spiritual home that is pursued together. The writer Haifei chose a very unique and ingenious angle when excavating this subject. The novel starts from the survival situation of a group of ordinary small people who want to go home but can't go home. It reflects the damage of the war to the body and mind and the destruction of human nature. It also reveals the feelings between individuals, countries and nations. Influence the fate of a generation with relationships and history. Qi Jingming, the secretary of the Chinese Writers' Association and the editor-in-chief of the "Arts and Literature", believes that the history has developed to the present day. In the literary creation of the theme of anti-Japanese, it has not yet reached a very mature height. At present, there are even some anti-Japanese "Ray dramas". The phenomenon of "drama", so many people in the literary and art circles worry: As those who have experienced the war years old or old, the expression of the theme of the war against Japan may have a huge gap. Therefore, he believes that Haifei's novel is undoubtedly a very valuable exploration of this kind of literary creation, and has played a very good leading role in the study of his work on the current literary world, especially young writers. Has a strong enlightening significance. A boutique novelist with a good literary texture said that Haifei is a young writer with distinctive personal characteristics. His novels have a good literary texture. He is good at capturing the characteristics of human nature in a subtle and meticulous manner. The image of the character is full and vivid. Haifei not only writes wars, writes stories, but also writes about the customs and customs of Jiangnan. It meticulously and vividly depicts the character of Zhedong people and their complex and varied psychological activities in the face of sudden and huge changes. The experts also talked about Haifei’s excellent grasp of language in this novel. Cao Qiwen, deputy secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial Writers Association, said that the language of the "Going Home" works is rare and accurate in the current text. He uses a literary language to tell a story in a war, which is very tasteful to read. In addition, the troupe, ancestral hall and Hupuling written in the novel have the characteristics and sentiments of Jiangnan, adding poetry to the novel, which makes the whole work more beautiful. This shows the cultural roots of the writer, and it is very valuable in the current "post-70s" and "post-80s" writers. It is reported that as one of the cultural boutique projects that the city has focused on, the novel "Going Home" has been selected as the key project support project of the Chinese Writers Association, the "12th Five-Year" National Key Book Publishing Project of the General Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, and the Zhejiang Provincial Cultural Excellence Project. Projects, etc.