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The opera "Red Gang Tailor" enters the grassroots theater in Ningbo 2014-05-21


The opera "Red Gang Tailor", which was co-produced by Zhejiang Yancheng Performing Arts Group Co., Ltd. and the Central Opera House, was recently staged at the Cultural Palace of Qidong Town, Cixi City, Zhejiang Province, and won the grassroots level with elegant artistic temperament and "grounded gas" performance. The audience's praise. "Red Gang Tailor" takes the Xinhai Revolution as the background and tells the love story of the heroine Liu Tianyi and A embroidery. The show started from the end of 2012 and premiered in May 2013. It has been touring in Beijing, Ningbo and Shanghai. This time, for the performance of the township theater, the show also immediately launched a grassroots tour reduction version, using storytelling to connect the whole drama, closer to the appreciation of the general audience. It is reported that the Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Television Press and Publication Bureau has strengthened the promotion through government procurement, effectively solving the problem of high performance costs, lack of funds, and difficulty in undertaking grassroots theaters in towns and villages. The performance of "Red Gang Tailor" in the township theater allows the delegation's high-quality resources to serve the masses more effectively, so that the grassroots can enjoy the opera at their doorstep.