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British print artist art salon held yesterday 2014-05-21


Yesterday, the British Cambridge engraving of the Chinese tour of Ningbo, the exhibition "The City on the Waves and the Waves", was exhibited at the Xiushan Art Center in Ningbo. The picture shows the exhibition site. (Photo by the Kingdom of South China) The British Printmaker Art Salon - "Western Venice meets the East Jiangnan Water Town" was held last night at the 117 Art Center of the City Cultural Center. British artists Jane Sander and John Preston and the famous watercolor artist Lin Shaoling Let's discuss and exchange artistic ideas together. Jenny Sander specializes in copperplates. She graduated from Cambridgeshire College of Art and Design in 1976. She participates in the annual exhibition of St. Barabras Printmaking, the Cambridge Painting Art Exhibition, and so on. She loves the ancient architecture of Venice and the ever-changing light in the water. John Preston graduated from the University of Cambridge and Anglia Ruskin University and was responsible for the protection and maintenance of urban planning and historic buildings in Cambridge. The copperplate creation began in 1980. Since 2009, he has been working in the studio of the International Printmaking Center of St. Barabras, and has held many exhibitions and awards in London and Spain. The inspiration for John Preston's work was mainly from architecture and landscape. He told reporters yesterday the process of creating a copper plate. John Preston has created many copperplates of Venice, including five dry engraved copper plates. “This time I came to Ningbo because there are works in a local gallery.”