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Ningbo Art Museum exhibits children's art exhibition 2014-05-23


The "Six-Year" Children's Art Exhibition hosted by the City Federation of Literary and Art Circles was held at the Ningbo Art Museum yesterday. With the theme of “Guarding the Blue Sky”, the Children's Art Exhibition has collected art works from children in the city since April this year. After the experts have won, fair and open, the final prize is 9 first prizes and 21 second prizes. 35 awards and 40 awards. 10 units won the "Excellent Organization Award". The award-winning works are rich in content and novel in creation, including paintings, calligraphy, and hand-made products. The work focuses on life and environmental protection through the perspective of children, and expresses the infinite ambiguity of civilization and beautiful Ningbo in a childish manner. The exhibition will last until June 3. According to reports, since 2007, Ningbo Art Museum has successfully held eight exhibitions of children's art works together with Rong'an Group and Yinyi Group. Among them, the Rongan Group has jointly held seven sessions. The "June 1" Children's Exhibition is one of the important contents of the "Public Sharing" program of the Ningbo Art Museum. It is also an important measure to implement the "Promoting the Main Melody and Promoting Diversification" art.