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Jiangbei Xilu Lin Temple renovation completed 2014-05-23


The picture shows the West Heron Temple. (Photo by Li Yanhong) "According to historical records, the West Lulin Temple was built in the Song Dynasty, mainly to commemorate the great achievements of the famous Song Dynasty star Cao Bin. The Qing Jiaqing rebuilt, the main building was preserved and belonged to the Celebrity Memorial Hall in public buildings. Although it is necessary to further research on whether the temple is a contact point for the 3rd and 5th detachments, it is valuable to retain it. At present, the renovation work is basically completed.” The day before yesterday, Xu Wenming, director of the Municipal Cultural Insurance Office, told reporters. Xilu Lin Temple is located in Wujia, Lin Village, Lujiang Street, Jiangbei District. The reporter came to the scene the day before yesterday. The West Heron Temple had white walls and black tiles. There were four pairs of golden kisses shining in the sun. The Xilulin Temple in the Jiukai District Courtyard is a beam-shaped hard-top wooden structure. Xu Yuming said that the ancient construction is small but the workmanship is fine. The practice of the butterfly beam hanging flower carving basket is the same as that of the Qing'an Guild Hall. There is a bird carved into a peony, and the corner of the front hall of the wing room is carved into a fish dragon. On the top of the shed, the porch is carved into the elephant head, and there are 18 fan-shaped paintings in the middle, using stone green and stone green natural mineral pigments. During the renovation process, beautiful murals were also discovered. Hu Yaoguo, who was nearly seventy years old, was one of the enthusiastic temple guards. He told reporters the day before yesterday that Xilulin Temple was used as a village collective warehouse. "In 2012, it was reported that it was included in the scope of demolition. We feel that it is a pity, positive. He rushed to call for the protection of the old temple." Later, the city Wenbao Institute organized a number of experts to visit the site, thinking that the West Lulin Temple belongs to the regional traditional historical buildings, has a certain physical reference value for the study of the construction technology in the eastern Zhejiang region, it is recommended to The temple is properly repaired and protected. "With the help of the Municipal Cultural Insurance Institute, we have invited a team of ancient architecture repairs. A group of people have a clear division of labor, and the money for repairs is made up by the villagers. According to the information we collected, the West Lulin Temple was recorded. It is an important venue and contact point for the 3rd and 5th detachments.” Hu Yaoguo showed the various proof materials they had found.