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"Eight Five-Three Memory, Ningbo", first published yesterday 2014-05-26


The book "Eight Five-Three Memory, Ningbo", which was recorded by more than 600 Ningbo educated youths in the Heilongjiang Production and Construction Corps 21st (85th Five-Year), was recently published by Ningbo Publishing House. Yesterday, the book The organizing committee and the editorial board held the first-generation ceremony in Xiangshan. Nearly 400 Ningbo educated youths participated, and representatives from the 853 educated youths from Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Sichuan and other places also came to congratulate. In 1985, the farm was selected by the generals of Wang Zhen in September 1956. In March 1969, it was renamed the 21st Division of the 3rd Division of the Heilongjiang Production and Construction Corps of the Shenyang Military Region. In December 1976, it was restored to the 853 Farm. In May 1969, more than 600 educated youths from Ningbo and other educated youths came to the black land of this northern border, and dedicated their beautiful youth to the Great Northern Wilderness. The book "Eight Five-Three Memory, Ningbo" has a total of more than 370,000 words. It was edited by the octopus of the Eighth Five-Five Farm of Ningbo, which is known as the "Yosewo Island" of the Great Northern Wilderness. It was self-financed and self-raised for a year and a half. The book contains more than 100 reminiscence articles and hundreds of old photos of more than 80 authors. It records the story of Ningbo educated youth growing up in the Great Northern Wilderness and returning to the city to start a business. It sings "hard work, courage to open up, take care of the overall situation, selflessness." Dedication" of the spirit of the Northern Wilderness.