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The micro movie "The Sun in the Heart" is being promoted 2014-05-30


The micro-movie "The Sun in the Heart" produced by the Fenghua City Culture, Radio, Film and Television Press and Publication Bureau was recently filmed in Fenghua and won the approval of the China Photographic Association. Yang Zhiping, the president, praised the film as "a micro-movie that promotes positive energy in the moment." In the middle, "The Sun in the Heart" is extraordinarily literary and straight." The micro-movie was written and directed by Chen Weijun, a young writer of the 80s, and adapted from the first novel published at the age of 16. According to the real deeds of the Fenghua Cultural Center, the film selects several female cultural ambassadors in the arts, such as drama, dance, music and painting, and tells the practice of group workers in the performance of literature and art, grassroots education, and public welfare training into the campus. It reflects the selfless dedication of the grassroots cultural messengers. The protagonists in the film are all played by the real characters in the real life.