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Tatun Ticket Museum Beilun Opened 2014-06-07


The Tatun Tickets Museum, which was transformed from the former residence of Xu Shang, an important figure of Ningbo Business Group, was opened in Donglu, Beilun, and was opened to the public free of charge. Xu Wei, the word Sheng Zen, Gujiaqiao Village, Beilun Xiaogang, actively supported the Sun Yat-sen revolution in his early years. He served as the head of the Northern Expeditionary Army and the director of the Zhejiang Provincial Finance Department. He was a representative of China’s early financial industrialists and the Zhejiang consortium during the Republic of China. The former residence of Xujing in Dongpu Mountain was built in the Republic of China. It covers an area of ​​2,499 square meters and is a Chinese-Western architecture. It is named “Tower”. Since 2011, the cultural relics department of Beilun District has carried out a comprehensive repair of the old house of the Republic of China for two years. Considering the long-term protection and utilization of the old house, the former residence was transformed into the Tatun Ticket Museum. The ticket museum, with the theme of Chinese ticket culture, uses the economic coupons and material supply tickets of the various collections in the Beilun Museum to compose the exhibition contents, fully demonstrating the history of the development of Chinese ticket and the history of social and economic development behind the tickets. In the future, the museum will hold a series of cultural activities such as cultural seminars, art salons, and famous pen meetings, integrating functions such as display, education, collection and communication.