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Treasure the treasures of wealth by the power of culture 2014-06-09


Ningbo Culture Square Ningbo, located on the coast of the East China Sea, is the birthplace of the 7000 former Hemudu culture. It has a long history, profound cultural heritage and highly developed economy. It is a national historical and cultural city and a modern international port city. In recent years, Ningbo has been committed to transforming the long history of history, the world's cultural trends and the industrial advantages of advanced manufacturing highlands into a driving force for development, and the cultural industry has continued to develop rapidly. Since the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", Ningbo's cultural industry has been continuously upgraded and optimized in terms of scale, quality and structure, and has become a powerful driving force for Ningbo's economic and social transformation and upgrading. A family culture enterprise has grown vigorously and has become a leading enterprise in the whole province and even the whole country. One cultural industrial park has risen from the ground up, and a number of major industrial projects have taken root. Today, the Ningbo Cultural Industry Project Promotion Conference was held in Shangri-La Hotel, Ningbo. During the promotion fair, Yashiwei settled in Ningbo National Advertising Industry Park, Xiangshan Langyuan Garden, Yuyao Yangming Antique City, Mingzhou Cultural Square (Jiangbei), Maitreya Bonsai Art and Culture Park (Fenghua), Ninghai Hot Spring Culture and Art Village, “ 22 key cultural projects such as the Tourism Industry Cultural Experience Hall will be signed here; a number of historical and cultural districts such as the Ninghai Deep Street, Haitang Gulou Street and Jiangbei Baisha Historic Building Project, as well as the Zhichao Cixi Cultural and Creative Park and Minhe ·Cultural Industrial Park, “China Lishang.com” (Beilun), “Chuange Huigu” Phase II Project (Zhenhai) will attract investment here... We believe that Ningbo Cultural Industry is highly valued by the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government. In the next few years, we will enter the fast lane of development and write a wonderful and gorgeous chapter. The cultural industry park takes advantage of the industrial cluster. The cultural industry is a low-carbon industry, and it is also an emerging and sunrise industry. It has symbiosis and integration with other industries. It is a product of economic, cultural and technological integration, and it has a high degree of integration. Strong penetration and radiation are important measures to transform the economic development mode and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness. In recent years, the city has actively innovated and optimized the industrial development policy, and has become the mainstay of the cultural market, grafting the successful experience of developing the block economy and forming industrial clusters into the cultural industry, and lengthening the industrial chain and forming the industry. The advantages of clusters promote the accelerated development of the cultural industry. Up to now, Ningbo has built 24 cultural industrial parks with various forms, 10 cultural industrial parks above designated size, and more than 1,400 agglomeration enterprises with a total output value of more than 4.2 billion yuan. Among them, there are 5 state-level industrial parks, including Zhangzhou National Animation Original Industrial Base, Ningbo National Advertising Industry Park, Ningbo Hefeng Creative Plaza, Ningbo National University Science Park, and Ningbo Software and Service Outsourcing Industrial Park. The cultural industrial park has become an important carrier and support platform for stimulating the development of cultural industry and improving the quality of industrial operation. As a main body, it has formed a relatively reasonable industrial development pattern. With a total investment of about 3 billion yuan, Hefeng Creative Plaza is the largest cultural and creative industrial park in the city. Since its opening more than two years ago, the industrial agglomeration effect of Hefeng Creative Plaza has become more and more obvious. At present, it has entered more than 100 cultural and creative enterprises to promote industrialization. With a scale of more than 38 billion yuan, it has basically formed an industrial cluster that integrates industrial design and creativity, research and development, trading, exhibition, incubation, intellectual property protection, qualification and evaluation, and training evaluation. In view of the strong creative design atmosphere and impressive economic benefits, Hefeng Creative Plaza was rated as “National Modern Service Industry Creative Design Industrialization Base” and “Yangtze River Delta Excellent Cultural and Creative Industry Cluster”. The flourishing of Hefeng Creative Plaza means that Ningbo is moving from “manufacturing a famous city” to “designing a famous city”. Ningbo National Advertising Industry Park relies on the development of “Southern Business District” in accordance with the development orientation of “creative guidance, industry driving, brand upgrading” to become Ningbo's advertising industry portal and creative industry base. At present, the park has determined to focus on building eight public service platforms: advertising talent training platform, fast printing, digital special platform, entrepreneurial platform, master training platform, fashion brand research and development platform, creative crowdfunding network trading platform, new media online education platform. And other specialized technical support service platforms. The park also actively uses its own advantages to vigorously promote the agglomeration and development of advertising and related cultural and creative enterprises. It has now attracted nearly 200 advertisements and related enterprises, and is gradually becoming a creative industry with creative guidance, industry-driven and brand upgrading. base. On April 16th, the newly-received "Sina Ningbo" officially launched, becoming the 20th local station of Sina.com in the country. In the future, it will become the super media of "Sina Ningbo + Sina.com + Sina Weibo". At present, the park is actively engaging with 14 large-scale new media advertising operators such as Sogou input method, WeChat platform, Qihoo 360 and Netease 163. The next step will be to focus on the station. Under the leadership of the national cultural industry park, a number of city and county-level cultural industrial parks came into being. Such as Xiangshan Film and Television Cultural Industry Zone, Yuyao Yangming 188 Cultural and Creative Park, Cixi Cultural and Creative Park, Kaiyun 86 Micro Film Park, Innovation 128 Park, Ninghai Sunshine Culture Industrial Park, Liangzhu Cultural Industry Park, etc. Some of these parks are breaking ground, nesting and attracting phoenixes, and some have begun to take shape and gather together. It is foreseeable that they will play a strong role in the development of the regional economy and the advantages of industrial agglomeration. Major projects lead the development of the cultural industry to promote the construction of large projects, transplant successful experiences in the development of the economic field to the cultural industry, and focus on supporting and cultivating a number of large-scale cultural industry projects with strong radiation, and tapping the development potential of the cultural industry. The construction of the project drives the development of regional cultural industry, which is another important measure in the development plan of Ningbo cultural industry. In recent years, Ningbo Book City, Xiangshan Film and Television City, Ningbo Culture Square... a large-scale cultural industry project has changed from a blueprint to a reality. The completion of these large projects has brought new experiences and enjoyment to the cultural life consumption of the people of Ningbo, and has exerted good social and economic benefits. The Ningbo Cultural Square with a total investment of 3.2 billion yuan is like Broadway in New York. There are not only hundreds of small theaters, but also cultural institutions, art salons and other cultural forms, which constitute the agglomeration effect of the cultural industry and concentrate on meeting the cultural consumption needs of the citizens. One-stop cultural service. Since the opening of the square on September 28 last year, the square has become more and more popular with the public. Last year, with the signing, settlement and construction of major projects such as Huaqiang China Renaissance Culture Park, OCT, MGM's “China Holiday” and Romon Universal City, the history of Ningbo's cultural industry has opened a new era. One page. By the end of last year, there were 34 major cultural industry projects under construction in the city, with a total investment of about 63.8 billion yuan; 17 projects in the previous period, with a total planned investment of about 37.1 billion yuan. The industry believes that the construction and launch of these large projects will drive a series of industrial chains in recent years and contribute to the economic development of Ningbo. In April this year, the Huaqiang China Renaissance Cultural Park project with a total investment of 12.8 billion yuan was officially started. Focusing on Chinese culture and relying on high technology, the project focuses on the great theme of China Renaissance and creates a "Chinese version" of Disneyland. The whole project consists of three major themed parks: “Intangible Cultural Expo Park”, “Revival Road Patriotism Education Base” and “Tomorrow China Theme Park”. It also includes cultural and creative bases, cultural product property rights trading centers, and non-genetic inheritance bases. A professional industrial base and a multi-functional commercial leisure town and theme hotel. The first theme park to be built first – China’s Intangible Cultural Expo Park is expected to welcome the first batch of tourists next year. Industry insiders predict that there will be 3 million visitors each year to experience the wonders of the combination of technology and non-legacy culture, and to feel the strong vitality and infinite charm of the traditional culture of the Chinese nation. Luomeng Global City, one of the world's largest indoor theme parks in Yinzhou District, has entered the countdown sprint phase of equipment installation and commissioning. It is expected to open on October 1st, and citizens will be able to enter the doorstep at the doorstep. In the paradise, you can enjoy the fun of the fantasy show such as the reality show of the pyramid stage, the float show, and the laser multimedia show. Industry insiders estimate that the annual investment of Luomeng Global City with a total investment of 10 billion yuan will reach 5 million tourists, and the annual flow of passengers will reach 20 million. The annual output value of the service industry will be several billion yuan, which will be given to Universal City. And the region has brought huge economic benefits. MGM's “China Holiday” project, which is led by the global “Entertainment Predator” MGM Resort Group, signed a contract with Ningbo Bay New District last year. It officially broke ground yesterday and will develop and build the MGM Center City entertainment core and explore education. Theme area and three functional areas of “Manwan” living resort. The first phase of the project is expected to be completed and opened in 2017. According to the project plan, “China Holiday” will build a tourism and entertainment cluster including luxury hotels, resorts, international cuisine, cultural performances, retail and exhibitions. The theme will be a family-based entertainment education complex and driving. Experience-based automotive commercial complex. At that time, "China Holiday" will not only have the theme of exploration, education, nature, technology, universe, history, but also new entertainment experiences such as car stunts, all-terrain cross-country track, F3 experience track, world famous car club, racing training center, etc. project. The “Happy Coast” and “Siming Valley” of the OCT cultural tourism project with a total investment of more than 10 billion yuan were also started in September last year. “Happy Coast” is located in the Tianma block of Zhonggongmiao Street in Zhangzhou. It is an open theme park with the theme of marine culture, including spending 100 million yuan to build Asia’s largest musical fountain show. After completion, it is expected to receive more than 10 million visitors annually; The “Siming Valley” project, which is mainly based on cultural tourism, is located in Jiushigang Town, Zhangzhou, and will focus on the development of eco-tourism, leisure and entertainment, conference and holiday products. The Haishu Culture and Sports Center, covering an area of ​​35,777 square meters and with a total investment of 360 million yuan, will soon be open to Ningbo citizens. Indoor and outdoor basketball courts, outdoor tennis courts, caged football fields, etc. are located in the venue. The Haishu District Library and Cultural Center will soon be relocated. Leisure activities such as reading room, fitness training room and art exhibition hall provide sports, leisure and entertainment services for the public. In terms of commercial operations, the company will use the influence and appeal of the stars to play the fan economic card and build a first star complex with a superstar integration system. In the cultural industry, a number of leading enterprises have emerged. In recent years, the Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have attached great importance to the development of the cultural industry and introduced a number of policies and measures to guide and support the development of cultural enterprises, which has effectively boosted the growth and development of a number of cultural enterprises. A group of traditional enterprises have been accelerating their transformation and upgrading in the current cultural industry construction boom, and they have emerged as the best in the industry. Ningbo Yinwang Group Co., Ltd. is a large-scale enterprise group specializing in R&D, production, sales and international business services of audio equipment and related performing arts equipment, and has self-support import and export rights. The products cover electronic, electro-acoustic, stage lighting and audio lines. There are more than 4,000 kinds of cables, brackets and connectors. Products are exported to more than 70 countries and regions such as the United States and Europe. The Yinwang Group pays attention to the integration of science and technology and culture, independently innovates, implements the digital control system for stage performances, fills the domestic gap, and is included in the “12th Five-Year” National Science and Technology Support Program and National Cultural Science and Technology Innovation Project. The company ranks first in the national industry in terms of technical content, standard setting, industry scale and export scale. Under the background of the country's vigorous development of the cultural industry, the Pai Ying Bing, Deli and Guangbo Group in the “Stationary Kingdom” took advantage of the trend and integrated the manufacturing advantages with the creative values, and successfully embarked on a road of transformation and upgrading. Beifa Group is a large stationery group that integrates the development, production, sales and international business services of pens and stationery. After 20 years of development, the company has become one of the fastest growing companies in the stationery industry, with the highest brand awareness and the most creative and influential companies in the industry. The products are exported to more than 150 countries and regions in the world. Beifa, the 20-year-old “Chinese pen king” who is deeply involved in the pen industry, is now actively implementing the industrial upgrading strategy, gradually extending from traditional stationery to cultural gifts, accelerating the transition from manufacturers to service providers. Another “Stationery King” Deli Group started from manufacturing pen holders, through technology research and development, independent innovation, and embarked on a successful road from OEM production to creating its own brand, realizing the perfect turn of “selling products” to “selling services”. . Guangbo Group also achieved transformation and upgrading through the new industry model of “manufacturing + creativity”. Today's Guangbo Group is actively promoting the extension of traditional stationery to emerging cultural formats such as digital, animation and creativity. Nowadays, the stationery enterprises headed by Beifa, Deli and Guangbo have already started the brand of “Stationery Capital” in Ningbo. The total annual output of the city's stationery industry accounts for one-fifth of the country's total, and exports account for one-third of the country's total. "Tian Xingjian, the gentleman is self-improving." The booming Ningbo cultural industry sincerely hopes that all parties will participate actively, let us use the power of culture to incite the treasure trove of wealth and share the prosperity and prosperity of the prosperous world!