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The village art group first created the original revolutionary historical drama 2014-06-10


To celebrate the 93rd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the Zhangjiatan Village Art Troupe of Gulin Town, Yinzhou District, created a new creation. The large-scale revolutionary historical drama "Li Min" with the same name as the prototype of Liu Hulan and Li Min Martyr of Zhedong will be re-listed on the stage of the Yifu Theatre. On the evening of June 12, I met with the audience in Yucheng. It is reported that the story of the drama "Li Min" was condensed at the time when the enemy, the pseudo- and the stubborn, the third and fifth detachments of the Siming Mountain carried out the second major siege, telling Li Min that he was in danger and was appointed as the Zhangshui District Committee and the Lijiang River. During the brief two-year period of the district party secretary, the hard and cruel revolutionary experience. The whole drama is divided into chapters, "Criminate at the Endangered", "The Midnight Chicken", "Millennium", "Love Secrets", "Chidu Ice Creek", "Poisonous Out of the Cage", "Flower and Falling Claw", and "Tie Tie" Become a relatively complete story. In order to truly restore this character, Yan Chonghua of Zhangjiatan Village and the author of the drama, Ji Jifang, have reviewed many historical materials and went deep into the Siming Mountain area to interview Li Min where he worked and lived. He even went to Kunming, Yunnan to visit Li Min’s party leader. Dian, which lasted several months to complete the creation of the play. Regarding the original intention of creating this drama, Yan Chonghua said: "The Li Min martyrs have been away from us for 70 years. Her heroic deeds have inspired generation after generation, but not very young for today's 80s and 90s. Understand that Li Min is so young, why is it righteous and sorrowful? Why do you want to use her own blood to dye her short life? This drama is to tell the contemporary youth the answer. Young people can find it from Li Min through the play. The things that are missing by themselves, thus establishing faith and perfecting the values ​​of life.” The drama of Li is trying to be perfect, whether it is from directors, screenwriters, actors, or beauty, lighting, sound design, etc. The director of the Ningbo Opera Troupe, Chen Bingyan, is the director of the singer Dong Yanghu, composer Liu Haitao, and the actors who participated in the competition are all amateur elites from the local and various hobby dramas. The main lineup can be said to be the best amateur creation team in the city. . At the same time, the drama also received strong support from the various units of the cultural front. The Yuezhou Opera Troupe provided the dance beauty and the band. The Ningbo Yifu Theatre assisted the stage lighting. The Xinchang County Tuning Theatre Company selected several martial arts actors to participate, and all parties worked together. Create this red drama.