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An Jian's new drama "Happiness falls from the sky" broadcasts many scenes in Ningbo 2014-06-10


Taking a picture of the Sanjiangkou in Ningbo by the director of the Radio and Television Art Center of Ningbo Radio and Television Group and the well-known director An Jian, the urban emotional drama "Happiness is falling from the sky" is being broadcasted by four TV stations in Anhui, Shenzhen, Shanxi and Shandong. The story is close to reality. The audience attracted the audience, and the Ningbo audience was more gracious to the Ningbo scene such as Sanjiangkou, the Old Bund, the Southern Business District and the Ningbo Grand Theatre. On May 26 last year, "Happiness fell from the sky" was launched in Ningbo. At that time, the name of the play was "Post Marriage Age". In an interview with reporters, Anjian said that the entire TV series will be shot in Ningbo. "Half of them are photographed in the studio, and half of them are photographed outdoors. Ningbo city scenes such as Sanjiangkou will appear in the drama." In addition, Ningbo people Diets, some place names in the city, shots of citizens' morning exercises, and even Ningbo dialects and slang, will also appear in TV dramas. With the broadcast of the show, the Ningbo audience really felt a strong hometown taste. Ningbo street scene appeared frequently in the drama. Some viewers did not forget to take pictures while watching the drama, and put the video screenshots on Weibo. The netizen "Sansheng Nell" took a screenshot of Sanjiangkou on Weibo and commented: "The original "Happiness is falling from the sky" was taken in Ningbo. I said how the scene is so familiar." User "Daisy喵_ Syuu said on Weibo: "In Ningbo, I also borrowed my grandmother's house. I also went to the scene to see Liu Taojie and Tu Songyan. As a Ningbo person, I have a look!" "Happiness falls from the sky" is the Ministry The family drama is about a couple who happened after the marriage broke down. Divorced, remarried, leftover women and other social phenomena that have received much attention are reflected in the drama. Although the plot is somewhat "heavy", it is not a bitter drama, and the whole drama is full of laughter and laughter. This point has also been praised by the audience. Some netizens compared the drama with the "Apocalypse of Life" starring Hu Ge and Yan Ni just after the broadcast. "It is also the story of divorced women who have children to find the second spring independently." It is also a sister-in-law, but the story of "Happiness falls from the sky" is more relaxed. Now there are too many TV dramas, but "Happiness falls from the sky" is not noisy. Just tell the truth, you can also experience the sunny side of life, very good. ""