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Village Art Troupe creates original revolutionary drama 2014-06-11


A new creation by the Zhangjiatan Village Art Troupe of Gulin Town, Yinzhou District, the large-scale revolutionary historical drama "Li Min" with the same name as Liu Hulan-Li Min Martyr of Zhedong will be on the stage of the Yifu Theatre tomorrow. This is another original revolutionary historical drama created by the village art troupe after seven years. The whole series is a relatively complete story of "The Endangered Command", "The Midnight Chicken Call", "Millennium and Hair", "Emotional Secrets", "Zhidu Bingxi", "Poisonous Out of the Cage", "Flower and Claws", and "Tie Bone". It reflects Li Min’s loyal practice of observing political beliefs. In order to truly restore this history and this character, Yan Chonghua of Zhangjiatan Village and the author of the play, Ji Jifang, have reviewed many relevant historical materials and went deep into the Siming Mountain area to conduct field interviews with places where Li Min once worked and lived, and even went to Yunnan. Kunming visited Li Min's introduction to the party, Wang Dian, and finally completed the play in a few months. The show is attended by local and amateur actors who love drama.