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The 10th China Photography Art Festival settled in Ningbo 2014-06-13


The reporter learned from the Municipal Federation of Literature and Art yesterday that the biggest event in China's photography industry - the 10th China Photography Art Festival and the Golden Awards will be held in Ningbo at the end of this year. The China Photographers Association and the Ningbo Municipal People's Government signed a cooperation agreement in Beijing the day before. The two sides decided to jointly establish the "China Photographers Association Ningbo Art Center" in Ningbo Dongqian Lake. The China Photography Art Festival is currently the largest, most extensive and world-famous photography festival in China. Since its creation in 1989, it has been successfully held for 9 sessions. The main activities include the highest national photography art award - China Photography The awards for the awards, various large-scale photographic works exhibitions, high-level photographic art lecture forums, and photographers' live creations. According to Zou Daming, secretary of the Party Committee of Ningbo Literary Federation, in recent years, the city has successfully held 8 “Ningbo Photography Top Ten” selection events and 4th “Alainbo Photography Festival”. Li Yuan Photography Art Museum was also opened in Yinzhou District last year. The art of photography has a very good creative soil and atmosphere in Ningbo. At present, there are 136 members of the National Photographers Association and 703 provincial and municipal members. A large number of local photographers are active in the creation. Since 2010, a total of 39 works in the city have won national or international photography awards. Among them, Sun Changjian's "Fish Girl" won the gold medal in the theme category of the 15th International Photography Art Exhibition, achieving zero breakthrough in the city's photography work gold award. Zou Daming said that Ningbo's long history, profound cultural accumulation, excellent ecological environment and rich human resources will fully stimulate the creative inspiration of domestic and foreign photographers, and will further promote the construction of Ningbo's cultural city and the improvement of people's civilization. . As the organizer, Ningbo City will mobilize all parties in the society to make the 10th China Photography Art Festival a pragmatic and efficient one, fully showcase the photographic festivals of Ningbo style, and let the citizens of Ningbo enjoy the spirit of photography at their doorstep. meal. It is reported that the Ningbo Artists Center of the China Photographers Association, which has already started construction, is located on the south bank of Dongqian Lake. It will be reconstructed based on two independent buildings, the existing water training center and Xiangkan Service Center. The entire art center integrates photographic art display, communication, research, collection, leisure, trading and other functions. The center is expected to complete the overall renovation before the end of this year and will be put into use at the time of the festival. It will become an important window for the exhibition of Chinese photography.