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“Central and Eastern Europe Contemporary Art Exhibition” came to an end 2014-06-13


Yesterday, with the end of the “2014 China-Central and Eastern European Countries Economic and Trade Exchange Week”, the “Central and Eastern European Contemporary Art Exhibition” hosted by the Ningbo Municipal People’s Government and hosted by the Ningbo Art Museum also slowly came to a close. According to Han Licheng, the artistic director of the exhibition, the vice president of the Municipal Federation of Literature and Art, and the director of the Municipal Art Museum, the “Central and Eastern European Contemporary Art Exhibition” brings together 12 contemporary old, middle and young artists who are active in the world of art. Eleven countries from Central and Eastern Europe have outstanding achievements or achievements in various fields of art and have won European prestigious art awards. Han Licheng said that in the future, the "Economic and Cultural Exchange Week" and the EU (China) Art Exchange Center will be used to further promote the spread of Chinese culture in Central and Eastern Europe, and to transfer Chinese painting and calligraphy art to the country and let the European people understand more deeply. Recognize Chinese culture and expand the influence of Chinese culture overseas. Up to now, the Ningbo Art Museum has signed a cooperation agreement with the National Gallery of Albania; cooperated with the National Gallery of Romania to organize exhibitions, establish a director-level contact and hold a forum-level academic forum; sign artists work with Macedonian artists Offices entered the agreement; with the National Gallery of Georgia, the Los Angeles Art Museum of California, the United States Huarendeng Art Museum and other art institutions to reach an initial cooperation intention for exhibitions, academic discussions and artists. It is reported that in addition to the exhibition, this year's "China-Central and Eastern Europe Economic and Cultural Exchange Week" also held related lectures and art exchange activities. Five artists from Central and Eastern European countries went to Ningbo University and Zhejiang Textile and Apparel Vocational and Technical College to give five special lectures and interact with college students.