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Poetry and painting 2014-06-18


Oil painting "Nashan, that water, the group of sheep" Oil painting "Old farmer in northwest Hubei" On the afternoon of June 13, Beilun Chunxiaoming Moon Lake, as the launching ceremony of the first Meishan Bay Cultural and Art Month in 2014, Chen Junqi's oil painting art exhibition was launched. A total of more than forty paintings by the painter Chen Junqi have been exhibited. The exhibition will last for one month. The oil painting conception of "Poetry and Painting" Chen Junqi, a contemporary Chinese strength artist, was born in Hunan Xiangxiang and was born in Wuhan, Hubei. In the "National Chinese Zodiac Chinese Painting Artists 100 List", he was named the leader of the Chinese Zodiac painting. His work has been included in the Ministry of Culture, "100 Artists influencing China." Chen Junqi's paintings inherit the tradition of "integration of poetry and painting" in China through the observation and expression of all things in nature. At the same time, his works pay attention to the living conditions of contemporary human beings. Through the portrayal of details and texture, he expresses the tension and harmony between the earth and people, and integrates art into life. Through his paintings, the audience can see the integration of the impressionist color and the composition of Chinese ink paintings. Cao Xing, the secretary-general and art critic of the East Asian Art Research Association, said that Chen Junqi’s works are not publicized, neither symbolized nor facialized, nor produced linearly or stylized. It is different from the fashion, impetuousness and creation of many artists. , worshiping gold, not letting go of mystery, pretending to be a ghost. Chen Junqi is interested in the times, paying attention to the society, paying attention to nature. In the practice of creation, he draws on some of the techniques of Western oil paintings and inherits the ideological treasures of Chinese culture for thousands of years. It seems to be simple and unpretentious, but in fact it is full of poetic and aesthetic pursuit. For example, several representative works on the exhibition, "Old Farmers in Northwest Hubei", "Warming Sun", "Walking Feet", etc., present the pursuit of the painter in different periods, reflecting the painter's love and concern for the land and the bottom of society. Future jealousy and prayer. Inspired by high-end collectors in Ningbo, the oil painter and art critic Ding Fang commented: "Chen Junqi's works belong to the Benguet, seemingly simple, full of poetic and aesthetic pursuit. Chen Junqi's pursuit of the beauty of simplicity and tranquility, expressing today's paintings The intention of the world to return to the painting ontology has another meaningful meaning. For example, "Nashan, Nashui, the group of sheep" and "White Horse under the city tower" are two works with great charm." The exhibition is different in that the exhibition is a scene-based exhibition that blends with the viewers. Different rooms, living rooms, porches, salons, etc. are full of painters' works. This type of exhibition is also popular abroad. The art exhibition has attracted the attention of many high-end collectors in Ningbo, bringing an artistic visual feast to the majority of art lovers and tourists from Meishan Island. Chen Junqi said at the exhibition site that “the beautiful scenery of Meishan and the artistic atmosphere of the exhibition are integrated with each other. The mountain and sea resources here are very rich, which provides me with a lot of inspiration and materials for the future art creation.” Ningbo Meishan Bonded Port Area Administrative Committee Office is responsible for People introduced that Chen Junqi's oil painting art exhibition was the first event of the “Blue Return” 2014 Meishan Bay Culture and Art Month. Through the cultural and artistic activities such as art exhibitions, sea photography, and “Meishan Night”, the first Culture and Art Month will let more people understand the beauty of Meishan Bay, enhance the tourism and brand image of Binhai New City, and strive to build Meishan Bay into Ningbo quality. The frontier of life, as well as the romantic blue bay where fashion white-collar workers and art people gather.