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The five-person calligraphy works of the youth exhibition 2014-06-25


Yesterday, the “Arts and Middle Schools – Youth Five Calligraphy Exhibition” hosted by the Municipal Cultural Center was exhibited at the Moon Lake Stars Exhibition Hall. The exhibition has exhibited more than 60 works. The author is Sun Yucheng in the second grade of primary school, Liu Yuxin in the middle school, Zhou Mengsu in the high school, Huang Wei, a calligraphy student at the Nanjing Academy of Art, and Luo Jun, a graduate student in calligraphy at the China Academy of Art. These five authors are all from the famous calligrapher Hu Chaoxia of the city. His works cover Zheng, Cao, Li, and Yi. Born in 1971, Hu Chaoxia is a member of the Chinese Calligraphers Association, the vice chairman of the Zhejiang Young Calligraphers Association, and a member of the Zhejiang Provincial Calligraphy Association Creative Committee. Calligraphy and engraving works have been selected into major national exhibitions.