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Pan Weigang: Inheriting the spirit of the old Ningbo team 2014-07-01


On the Hamburg Street in the center of Hamburg, Germany, there is a Chinese restaurant named Jinlong Restaurant. The owner is Pan Weigang, who is called the representative of the New Ningbo City by the German Chinese Overseas Chinese Leader and the Chairman of the Ningbo Ningbo Association. In the store of more than 100 square meters, it has both European style and Chinese elements. We arrived at noon, and from time to time there were "foreigners" coming in for dinner. Pan Weigang was the deputy manager and head chef of Ningbo Meilong Town. He went to Germany in 1988. His wife, Chen Xingbo, was a waiter at Jinlong Hotel. He went to Germany in 1994. When Pan Weigang arrived in Germany, he won the second prize in the Hamburg Catering Industry Competition with a signature dish “Kung Pao Chicken”. Pickled yellow croaker soup, dried plum meat, mossy fish sticks, plum meat... Jinlong Restaurant is the only local restaurant that introduces Ningbo cuisine. This is unique among the burger Chinese restaurants in the Sichuan cuisine, and the operation is quite prosperous. Wealth is not forgetting to do good deeds. There is a Chinese nursing home in Hamburg. The Pan Weigang couple often do some food for the elderly, sometimes the elderly are invited to the restaurant to have a meal. The Ya'an earthquake, the floods in Taiwan... They all donated money. One year, the German Elbe River was flooded with water and flooded several cities along the river. The Pan Weigang couple and the Chinese from Hamburg actively donated money and caused great repercussions in the local area. The government officials of the flooded city also came to thank them. Pan Weigang’s family of three is still volunteering. Chinese people encounter difficulties in Hamburg, they will take the initiative to solve problems; the language of foreign students is not enough, they are obliged to teach and help. "There can be seen in them that the old Ningbo is honest, trustworthy, diligent and savvy, and is a representative of the new generation of Ningbo Gang." Chen Minghao commented on the couple.