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Yue Opera Prince Zhao Zhigang came to perform two big plays in July 2014-07-02


On July 12th and 13th, the Yue Opera "He Wenxiu" and "Die Haiqing" launched by "Zhao's Workshop" will be on the stage of the Ningbo Grand Theatre. The famous actors Zhao Zhigang and Chen Yu will lead the show. The two plays are the famous works of Zhao Zhigang who became popular in more than 30 years ago, and the other is the opening drama of "Zhao's Workshop". "He Wenxiu" is a classic repertoire of Yueyin Yinpai and the starting point of Zhao Zhigang's artistic road. However, "He Wenxiu", which was staged this time, was called "Reissue Edition" by Zhao Zhigang: the classic singer of the Yin School in the drama was basically completely preserved; at the same time, the new edition enriched the character of Wang Lanying and made it a The heroine who is equivalent to He Wenxiu. "Butterfly Love" is the opening drama of "Zhao's Workshop". Last year, Chen Hao won the Magnolia Performing Arts Protagonist Award with the help of the drama. The drama tells the story of a legendary love story between a desperate fateful Wang Sun and a imaginative country. Chen Hao is very confident in the role of Xiang Xiang, who has a similar role in her age and temperament. She was interviewed recently. She said: "The understanding and choice of love for love is inconsistent with me in many places. In shaping, I often think, if it is me, what will I do?" It is reported that the creation of "Die Hai Qing" is called "luxury": the chief screenwriter Mr. Li Kuming is a well-known religion in Hong Kong and even the whole country. A patriotic person; Wu Zhaofen, a well-known Yue opera writer, has been a screenwriter for Yue opera; Zhejiang Xiaobaihua famous fan school Xiaosheng Jiang Yao has been the director of the drama. As for the partner of the performance, it is the Ningbo Xiaobaihua Yue Opera Troupe.