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Opening of the second chorus competition school group 2014-07-04


The picture shows the game site. (Photo by Zhou Jianping) "China, I sing for you" The second chorus competition of the city was held at the Ningbo Cultural Square Grand Theater yesterday. 29 chorus teams including Yuyao Yangming Primary School and Beilun Weidou Primary School participated in the primary school group. In the competition, 28 chorus teams will compete in the middle school competition today. According to reports, 57 teams participating in the school group competition were selected from the 114 primary and secondary school chorus teams in the city. In order to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, we will review the great course of the new China in the song, express the infinite affection of the children of Ningbo to the motherland of the motherland, and look forward to a more brilliant future for the motherland. The city launched "China," in May this year. You sing" - the second chorus competition in Ningbo. The chorus contest was hosted by the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Wenguang Press and Publication Bureau, and the Municipal Education Bureau. It was organized by the Municipal Cultural Center and divided into four stages: mobilization, preliminary competition, rematch and finals. The rematch stage will be carried out in two groups according to the county (city) district group and the school group (the primary and secondary school students in the whole city). On the basis of the preliminary and rematch, the city will select 14 chorus teams to participate in "China, I sing for you" - the final of the second chorus competition in Ningbo. Since the official opening of the competition in June, nearly 100 chorus teams from all walks of life have participated in the event. At present, the competition has entered the semi-final stage, and the school team will select 6 teams to participate in the final of the chorus competition. The competition of the county (city) district group will be held at the Ningbo Cultural Square Grand Theatre on July 19th. Two teams will be recommended to participate in the preliminary competitions of each county (city) district. Eight teams will enter this competition. Chorus contest finals. According to reports, this time the school group competition did not specify the competition, the students sang both Chinese songs such as "Wings of the Songs of the Songs" and "Thinking of Your 365 Days", as well as Russian folk songs, black spiritual songs, Slovak folk songs, etc. Foreign songs such as "Kalinka", "You Run", "Eight Goose" and so on. According to the organizer's staff, the school group's competition is mainly to cultivate children's interest in chorus and participation in chorus. The songs are all classic songs.