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Alien Tickets Explain the Style of Ningbo Garment Museum 2014-07-22


The picture shows the shaped ticket. On Sunday morning, the Ningbo Garment Museum just opened a door and came to a 70-year-old Hubei guest. After receiving the ticket and visiting the museum, she deliberately kept the ticket. It turns out that the ticket for the Ningbo Clothing Museum is the only shaped ticket for the city. The ticket for the Ningbo Garment Museum began to change face in January last year. Wang Yilin, the curator, said that because the ticket is a publicity and a souvenir, the museum has carefully designed the ticket and designed the bookmarked door to highlight the museum. Voucher, style: 6 cm at the widest point, 13 cm in total length, uniform dress shape, printed with different museum collections, text descriptions and 12 different background colors; the top of the voucher has a small hole and is worn with various colors Silk, a delicate bookmark was born. At present, the museum sends one in January, one set per year, and a set of seven has been issued. Since the release of the “Collection of Fine Collections”, which has been featured in the clothing museum, some Hong Kong and Macao red band tailors and foreign friends have been cherished with the tickets. Many tickets collectors have come to the wind, China Yuan Jingzhong, the famous travel ticket collector and president of the National Association of Voucher Friends, also came to Ningbo to investigate and wrote the paper "Ningbo Clothing Museum Tickets Appreciation". For a time, the Ningbo Garment Museum was well-known in the national collections, and it played an important role in propaganda. Yuan Jingzhong wrote in the paper: "The two sets of 24 tickets for the Ningbo Garment Museum are currently the longest and most numerous shaped coupons in China. When 12 tickets are lined up one year, people don’t It is difficult to find that these tickets are a culturally creative and collectible tourism commemorative art. I hope that the special-shaped tickets of the Ningbo Garment Museum will continue to be released."