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"Three Classic Fairy Tales" for the family to watch the parent-child drama 2014-07-22


Mickey Mouse, Minnie, and Goofy found a magic book in the loft of Mickey Mouse. The book is full of costumes, props, and scenes from Disney classics. When they approached the magic book, they were surprised to find that Things can make the stories they are connected to live up... From August 9th to 10th, Disney's original stage play "Three Classic Fairy Tales" will be played in the Ningbo Grand Theatre for six consecutive games. The interactive elements are mostly a feature of the Disney stage play. During the performance, the Disney star will lead the children to discover the clues in the fairy tale, lead everyone to sing and clap their hands, Snow White may also ask the children on the spot to eat before eating poisonous apples, and so on. Disney stage drama has the reputation of “the world's first family entertainment brand”. Not only young parents, but grandparents are also very fond of Disney's healthy, caring and humorous stars. Every Disney stage show has become a show. Family mobilization, parents are not only playing with children, but often enjoy themselves. "The Three Classic Fairy Tales" producer Alana Field said: "For Mickey and its friends, the magic storybook has become a place full of bizarre adventures; for the audience, they will be watching the show Sharing laughter, singing, dancing and wonderful family entertainment. The reason we choose these eternal stories is that they are full of imagination and have a common thread - the dreams come true." Yes, the play's entire American cast, although the actors do not understand Chinese, but they practice the "Chinese mouth" to ensure that the mouth shape and the Chinese dubbing are exactly the same. It is also known that the first performance of the show in Ningbo - the ticket at 10:30 am on August 9 has been basically sold out, and there are not many low-priced tickets for 180 yuan in all the games.