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Changzhou School of Painting "No Bone Birds" Comes 2014-07-25


Yesterday morning, the contemporary Changzhou Flower and Bird Painting Exhibition was held at the Ningbo Art Museum. 70 beautiful and elegant paintings showcase the unique charm of the Changzhou School of Painting. "The characteristics of Changzhou flower and bird painting can be summarized in four words, that is, 'no bones and flowers'. 'No bones' is a means of expression, 'flowers and birds' is a content theme, which is also a feature of Changzhou School of Painting." Hu Junsheng told reporters at the exhibition site that the so-called "no bones" painting method, that is, without ink lines, directly painted with ink and color. "The 'Boneless' painting method was first created by the famous painter Zhang Wei of the Southern Dynasties. Later, the painter Xu Chongxi of the Northern Song Dynasty applied this painting method to the flower and bird painting, and created the painting of 'Boneless Birds and Birds', but it was in the Qing Dynasty. The 'No Bone' painting method was lost." In the early Qing Dynasty, Chang Shouping, a famous painter and painter from Changzhou, tirelessly studied and excavated, creatively developed the "No Bone" painting method, and created a "Boneless Flower and Bird" school - Changzhou School . "At that time, Ruan Shouping and Wang Shimin, Wang Jian, Wang Wei, Wang Yuanqi, and Wu Li were named together, and they were collectively referred to as "Four Kings Wusong" and "Eight People" in the early Qing Dynasty. Among these six people, Yan Shouping was the only one to draw flowers and birds. The other five are painted landscapes." Yan Shouping’s boneless flowers and birds are beautiful, bright, and ethereal, which have a profound impact on later generations. "Inheritance is the premise of innovation, and innovation is the best inheritance," said Hu Junsheng. Today's Changzhou School of Painting not only inherits Shou Shouping's flower and bird painting skills, but also innovates. This is the first time that Changzhou flower and bird paintings have been unveiled in Ningbo. The 70 paintings on display are made by 20 flower and bird painters of today's Changzhou School of Painting. They are both freehand and freehand, and incorporate some modern elements.