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The Yue Opera "The Female Horse" and "The Jade" will land at the Ningbo Grand Theatre. 2014-08-05


On August 14th and 15th, Li Min was performed by the Fanghua Yue Opera Troupe of Fujian Province. The national first-class actor and plum blossom winner Li Min starred in the Yue opera "The Female Horse" and "Yu Yu" will be staged at the Ningbo Grand Theatre. The Yue opera "Legend of the Horse" is a play that was transplanted from Huangmei Opera. It was approved by the family members of the author of the Huangmei Opera "Female Horse" and the copyright adaptation of the Huangmei Theater in Anhui Province. It is reported that the first round of the national tour of the show will go to Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Hubei and other five provinces and 17 cities to conduct 30 tours. "Women's Horse" retains Huangmei Opera's classic "Women's Horse" is a legendary costume drama. It is said that Hubei Fuyang official official (ancient official retired) Feng Shunqing's daughter Feng Suzhen, to save her fiancé Li Zhaoting, the female disguised as a man, The champion, the death into the palace, after the twists and turns, the dangers of the Yi, finally achieved the story of a happy marriage. The Yue opera "The Female Horse" retains the classics of Huangmei Opera. It has been redesigned and produced in the aspects of music, lighting, beauty, costumes and props. The beautiful stage landscape, regardless of the positioning of the characters, the literary nature of the text, the setting of the stage They are more refined, poetic, and lyrical. The Yue opera "Yu Yu" is a new performance of the old drama, starring Li Min, starring Wang Yimin, Xu Weizhen, Chen Cuihong and Lou Lihua. "Yu Yu" runs through the whole drama with a love word. The first half sings the love of lovers, the second half sings the love of the mother and the child, and the feelings between the mother and the foster mother. The love and affection are combined into a big love, and the theme is sublimated. The play won seven awards including the 3rd China Theatre Festival Excellent Performance Award and Outstanding Actor Award. It also won the 4th Wenhua New Play Award and the Dance Design Award. Plum blossom winner Li Min led the drama "The Virgin Mary" invited the founder of Yue Opera Wang, the actor of the Yue opera movie "Dream of Red Mansions", and the famous Yue opera performance artist Wang Wenjuan as the artistic director. The main actors in the play are from the Fujian Fanghua Yue Opera Troupe. Li Min starred in the play and played the role of Feng Suzhen. Li Min is the famous Wang Pai Hua Dan, the famous Yue opera performance artist Wang Wenjuan's proud student. Her voice is bright, her voice is clear, her melody is round and beautiful, her charm is mellow, her bite and rhyme resemble “Wang Pai”, but she has her own characteristics. In addition to singing the king faction, Li Min will also reverse the Yin sent a small student because of the plot, which is also a big challenge for Li Min, who is good at the Wang faction. In addition, Chen Cuihong plays the princess, Shen Min plays Liu Wenju, Xing Lihua plays Li Zhaoting, Wang Weiping plays Feng Yimin and Xu Jianli plays the emperor.