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The first Citizen Culture and Arts Festival and Huimin Cultural Consumption Month event was held in September 2014-08-20


Many foreign tourists come to Ningbo to have such an impression: Ningbo city is very beautiful and clean, but the streets after 9 or 10 o'clock in the evening are too deserted. It seems that there is less urban prosperity and fashionable nightlife. How to make up for this deficiency? Yesterday, the reporter learned at the first civic culture and art festival and the Huimin Cultural Consumption Month mobilization meeting: In order to further create the urban cultural atmosphere, promote the consumption of citizens' culture, and enhance the quality of urban culture, the city decided to hold the first Ningbo Cultural and Art Festival. The cum Huimin cultural consumption month event. It is reported that this event lasted for two months from the beginning of September to the end of October. The purpose of the activity is "the city and county linkage, system integration, a hundred flowers bloom, elegance and common taste, extensive participation, everyone sharing, prosperity culture, and promote consumption." The city-level activities of the entire Citizen Culture and Arts Festival will be divided into four series, including “Song and Dance Flying”, “Impressions of Ningbo”, “School of the City” and “Good Plays”. There are more than 30 cultural and artistic activities. There are more than 100 county-level district-level activities. The event includes both the China International Vocal Competition, Broadway musicals, and piano concerts that reflect the high-quality culture. There are also cultural performances and boutique repertoires that the general public likes to see, such as the large-scale theme songs celebrating the 65th anniversary of the founding of New China. Traditional theater performances. In addition, the “Ningbo Good Songs” selection, “Chinese and Foreign Mai Ba Carnival” and “Ningbo Youth Talent Network Exhibition” will also be unveiled. Hong Jiaxiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Minister of Propaganda Department, pointed out at the mobilization deployment meeting that Ningbo citizens have a high enthusiasm for cultural consumption and a large space for cultural consumption. How to stimulate the potential of cultural consumption, expand the cultural consumption market, promote the development of the city's "moonlight economy", and promote the transformation and development of the city's economy is worthy of our deep thinking. Therefore, we must build this festival as an important platform to promote cultural consumption. According to reports, the opening ceremony of the Citizen Culture and Arts Festival will be held together with the "Cultural Night Market" market. A person in charge of the Office of the Organizing Committee of the Citizen Culture and Arts Festival said: "The moonlight economy reflects the vitality of the city. The purpose of holding the Citizen Culture and Art Festival is to allow more people, including foreigners, to promote the 'moonlight economy'. Visitors enjoy the beautiful night life of Ningbo. This is not only a requirement for the improvement of the quality of the city, but also a manifestation of the pursuit of personal spiritual life."