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Huimin cultural consumption feast can be opened in September, "Cultural Night Market" Taobao 2014-08-20


30 yuan to listen to famous drama, low-cost to see big movies, go to the "cultural night market" Taobao, to the old Bund to listen to the Chinese and foreign Maiba Carnival... Ningbo First City Cultural and Art Festival and Huimin Cultural Consumption Month will be held from September to October this year The public can enjoy many cultural performances with international standards. The first civic culture and art festival was held by the opening ceremony and Ningbo “Cultural Night Market”, 33 series of activities such as “Song and Dance Flying”, “Impressions of Ningbo”, “School of Xiangxiang”, “Good Theatre and Taiwan” and closing ceremony. composition. The opening ceremony will be transformed into a carnival night of cultural appreciation and cultural consumption. The shots of the three sub-districts of Zhenhai, Xiangshan and Yuyao will also be connected to the main venue. In addition to the introduction of a series of international-level artistic activities, this festival will also set up a platform for local artists and literary enthusiasts to display: the first "Ningbo Good Songs" collection and selection activities have begun, hundreds of beautiful hometown-themed The works of Ningbo artists will be held in a joint exhibition. The beautiful Ningbo Microfilm Competition will showcase the humanistic customs and unique charm of Ningbo as a historical and cultural city in the form of micro-movies. Ningbo famous writers will sign and sell charity activities in Zhongshan Square. From September 1st to 7th, the "Cultural Night Market" event held at Ningbo Cultural Square will hold activities such as "Paper Age", "Thousand People Treasure Hunt" for seven days, folk and animation real performances, and "The World Light Show". The Chinese and foreign Macquarie Carnivals at the Old Bund will invite many foreigners to participate in the event. The Baiyun Experimental Theatre will launch the "Weekend Drama" event in September. Every Friday night, we will open a variety of dramas such as Yue Opera and Yu Opera. The fare is set at 30 yuan.