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17 low-cost performances, debut 2014-09-04


As one of the highlights of the first Citizen Culture and Art Festival in Ningbo, the “Celebration of the 65th Anniversary of the Founding of New China” will be officially kicked off on September 5th. Until October 30th, the Ningbo Professional Art Academy will be created in recent years. The 14 original plays, a total of 17 performances will be exhibited at the Shaw Theatre, the Baiyun Experimental Theater and the Cultural Square Grand Theatre, presenting a colorful stage art feast for the Yucheng opera fans. The performances include excellent stage art works created by Ningbo Drama for more than 10 years. There are not only the nationally-recognized boutique repertoires such as the drama "The Wife" and the large-scale dance drama "Shili Red Makeup and Daughter Dream", but also the new creations in recent years. The repertoire, such as the Yue Opera of the Xiaobaihua Yue Opera Troupe, the drama of the City of the Opera Troupe, "Building Dreams", and the Yao Opera "Yan Ziling" created by the Yuyao Yao Opera Protection and Heritage Center and the Yue Opera "Exploring the Spring", the Yue Opera Yue Opera, such as Shen Guangwen, created by the Art Training Center. In order to meet the tastes of different audiences, some classic traditional repertoires will be staged, such as the Yue opera "Jing Yu Ji", "Bai Hua Jiang", and the "Golden Lotus". Among them, "Golden Lotus" was performed in the big play in the 1970s. Since then, only a piece of performance has been performed. This participation will be another complete debut of the show. In order to reflect the benefits of the people, this show is a low-price ticket, the performance at the Shaw Theatre, the fare is 60 yuan, 50 yuan, 30 yuan, 10 yuan; the performance of the Baiyun Experimental Theater, the fare is 30 yuan; Ningbo culture The fare for the performance of the Grand Theatre in the Plaza is 50 yuan and 100 yuan. During the performance, Ningbo Culture and Art Research Institute will also hold a literary review activity on “Looking at the Boutique and Appraising the Play”. Any impressions of the show's repertoire can be submitted to the Institute of Culture and Art. The essay writing activity will be awarded a number of first, second and third prizes, and a symposium will be held.