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Ningbo Culture Card launched on September 11th, many citizens took the rain to do the card 2014-09-12


The Ningbo culture card reveals the "true capacity." (Reporter Zhou Jianping) Yesterday was the first day that the Ningbo Cultural Card was issued to the public. The staff of 16 outlets including the Ningbo Daily Newspaper Group Distribution Center and the Xinhua Bookstore began to handle the card procedures for the citizens. At 8 o'clock in the morning, there was still half an hour from the notice in the notice. Some "impatient" citizens rushed to the relevant outlets and wanted to receive the favorite cultural consumption discount card in the "first time." Yesterday, the reporter saw at the door of the first floor of the Ningbo Daily Newspaper Group Distribution Center that there were many middle-aged and elderly people who came to handle it. Many of them held several ID cards in their hands and waited for them. "My husband and I have two, and my son and daughter-in-law have to do it. They can't go to work, I will take over for them." Huang Dabo, who is in his 70s, explained. Aunt Zhang, who came from Beilun Red Alliance, took the bus to the city at 7:00 in the morning. When she received three cultural cards from herself and her family, she was very happy: "My wife and I will come with this card in the future." Watching movies and watching movies in the city!” Qiao Azhen, who lives in Huayan Street, read the instructions carefully after picking up 2 cards. She said with a smile: “With a cultural card, I will watch movies, buy books, and visit Wenbao’s attractions. You can enjoy discounts, you don't have to pay the cost and deposit, and the customs clearance is affordable!” Ningbo Culture Card integrates key cultural units and corporate resources such as newspapers, radio and television, bookstores, theaters, museums, entertainment, sports, art market, tourism, etc. , card to the designated merchants, in addition to enjoy discounts, you can also get the corresponding points, points accumulated to a certain amount can be redeemed for the specified goods. It is reported that the cultural card can enjoy a maximum of 50% discount. “The cultural card is valid for one year. Can it be extended for one year?” Some citizens very much hope that this cultural card with a lot of discounts will be effective in the long-term, and the staff will explain that the validity period will be announced soon. Up to now, Ningbo Cultural Card has reached the first batch of 73 merchants and over 120 stores, covering cinemas, performance venues, books and newspapers, tourist attractions, education and training, leisure and entertainment, physical fitness, cultural creativity, musical instruments, art, stationery. And other cultural consumption categories. In order to facilitate the public to do the card, from today on, the public can go to 16 designated points to do the card (reservation is preferred), the processing time is 8:30-17:00 every day on weekdays (except holidays). The Cultural Card Preparation Office also opened the media supervision hotline 81850000, accepting the supervision and complaints from the majority of card users to the franchisees.