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The "Five One Project" selection was announced 2014-09-15


On September 13, the results of the "Five-One Project" of the 13th National Spiritual Civilization Construction were announced, 27 films including "China Partner" and "Zhou Enlai's Four Days and Nights", "Deng Xiaoping in the Historical Transition", There are 30 TV dramas such as "Old Dependence", 33 dramas such as "Jiao Yulu", 22 radio dramas such as "Reconstructing Rivers and Mountains to Be Lived", 31 songs such as "Our Chinese Dream", and 28 books including "Glory of Juveniles". When they stood out, a total of 186 works won the "Outstanding Works Award". There are three works on the list in the city, namely the opera "Red Gang Tailor", the radio drama "Your Flying My Dream", and the book "Going Home". "Red Gang Tailor" is a large-scale original opera that is jointly created by the Central Opera House and the Ningbo Performing Arts Group to tell the "Chinese Story." By telling the young people from the two tailoring families from Ningbo in the early 20th century to carry forward the legendary story of the red tailors, the entrepreneurial spirit, the struggle process and the revolutionary consciousness of Ningbo “Red Gang Tailor” are used throughout, and the opera is also used to tell the place of Ningbo. A successful attempt at culture. Haifei’s novel “Going Home” is based on the people and things that took place in the anti-Japanese base area of ​​Zhangzhou. It depicts 36 wounded soldiers and local people, picking up weapons to block the Japanese aggressors, defending the country and defending the country. . The novel succeeded in shaping a group of characters with different identities and different personalities, reflecting the feelings and heroism of the sons and daughters of the Chinese nation. This is a work that is both ideological and readable, embodying the feelings of the home country and the warmth of humanity. It also shows the characteristics of the eastern Zhejiang region. The radio drama "Your Flying My Dream" of Ningbo Radio is based on the true story between Liu Jiafen, the president of Ningbo Haishu "Damin School" and a group of special children. Through their integration in the "special education" community, "lifelong education" is in line with the society. The efforts and exploration of the model show the demonstration and promotion significance of the “Damin Model” as a “sample of Chinese special education”. This radio drama with the theme of "special education" has a strong response among the audience. As of March this year, it has been broadcasted in more than 20 city radio stations across the country. It is reported that the city will organize the “Five-One Project” award-winning works to show, display and broadcast, and better play the leading role of literary and artistic products in the construction of Ningbo culture.