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"Space and imagination" sculpture art week held 2014-09-16


Yesterday, the public was watching the sculpture exhibition. (Reporter Zhou Jianping) China Ningbo Sculpture Art Exhibition was held in Ningbo Library yesterday. The “Space and Imagination” Sculpture Art Week series was launched. During the event, the city sculpture art salon, “Tianyi Lecture” lectures and special topics will be held. Book fairs, etc. Urban sculpture is the expressive eye of the city. The works of China Ningbo Sculpture Art Exhibition come from the 2014 China Ningbo City Sculpture Design Competition, which received 1,500 designs from more than 800 artists from around the world. After the pre-trial and preliminary evaluation of the organizing committee of the competition, 40 works were selected for the production of sculpture samples, and face-to-face with the urban people. Nearly 40 exhibits such as "Going Home", "Trying" and "Yucheng Ancient Rhyme" showcased the 7000-year cultural heritage of Ningbo. The citizens who came to visit also voted for their favorite sculptures. It is reported that the exhibition will last until September 21. Yesterday, the Ningbo Library also launched the Urban Sculpture Special Book Fair on the third floor of the Comprehensive Lending Room. The books on the exhibition introduced the history, theme, cultural connotation and masters of urban sculpture. As one of the series of activities, Ningbo City Sculpture Art Salon was held in the multi-function hall on the second floor of the City Library on the morning of the 20th. Yu Xiande, deputy director of Zhejiang University Institute of Aesthetics, will discuss with the readers the urban sculpture, city image and city. The meaning of civilization, together to appreciate the famous city sculptures at home and abroad. On the afternoon of the 20th, the city library “Tianyi Lecture Hall” will be directed by Jing Yumin, deputy director of the National Urban Sculpture Construction Steering Committee Art Committee, in the lecture hall on the third floor, “From Urban Sculpture to Public Art——On the Contemporary Transformation of Chinese Urban Culture” .