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The Art Book Festival makes the book of the city rich 2014-09-16


As one of the highlights of the first civic culture and art festival in Ningbo, the “2014 Ningbo Art Book Festival” officially kicked off this week. During the Art Book Festival, all kinds of high-quality books will be displayed in Xinhua Bookstore and Ningbo Book City. The well-known writers, painters, calligraphers, photographers and other cultural circles will attend the readers' meeting, new book sales, lectures and other activities. The Art Book Festival adds a rich book fragrance to the Citizen Culture and Arts Festival. The reporter learned from Ningbo Book City yesterday that in this year's Art Book Festival, Ningbo Book City will focus on displaying more than 20,000 kinds of fine books, including ancient books, books, collection books, animation books, Beijing Sanxitang high-end art books, etc. For the readers to choose. Citizens holding the Ningbo Culture Card can enjoy a 10% discount on the purchase of joint venture products at the store of Ningbo Xinhua Bookstore, and enjoy a 50% discount on books purchased at specific counters. In order to promote Ningbo's traditional history and culture, during the Art Book Festival, Ningbo Book City also launched the “Ningbo History and Culture Book Exhibition”, including “Ningbo Non-legacy Book Series”, “Ningbo History Book Series”, “Ningbo Business Book Series”, "Ningbo Culture Book Series" and so on. These books are set up in the special area of ​​Ningbo Book City Store for the public to purchase. During the exhibition period of more than one month, readers can also enjoy a 30% discount on the purchase of such books. In order to meet the needs of the general public for high-quality children's books, and further enhance the influence of Ningbo Publishing House's children's book brand, during the Art Book Festival, Ningbo Publishing House launched the "Children's Children's Fun Children's Book Fair", which was concentrated in the children's area on the second floor of Ningbo Book City. In recent years, the publishing house has launched excellent children's books in the fields of handicrafts, art, stories, and puzzles, and organized a feast for children to read. Each weekend during the Children's Book Fair from September 13th to October 31st, a series of children's experiences and interactive activities will be launched, such as “I am a small painter” graffiti, “Manual Competition”, “Family Story” "Meet", "Happy Fingers" game activities, etc. Citizen friends can take their children to experience these warm and interesting parent-child interactions. In order to create a strong reading atmosphere for the public and open up the reader's knowledge horizon, during the Art Book Festival, the “Ningbo Book City Lecture Hall” will launch a series of activities such as signing by writers and lectures by famous people. From the weekend of September 14th to October 18th, Ningbo Book City will invite best-selling author Zhang Jiajia, watercolor artist Lin Shaoling, picture book writer Silence, network writer Yan Haijing, Chi Xiaofan, calligrapher Jiang Yan, photography Chen Zhiguang and others came to visit.