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The drama "To Youth" staged "Being Youth" 2014-09-16


"Although they are based on the same novel, the drama version of "To Youth" is not a stage reappearance of the film version directed by Zhao Wei. It is better to say that it is 'to be youthful', let's go with it, 'being youthful 'It’s important.” Yesterday, the director of the drama "To Youth" was interviewed by reporters. The play will be staged at the Ningbo Grand Theatre on September 21st. The motor is one of the directors, and the other is his master. He has directed the post-80s young directors of "Capital" and "Du Lala". Read. A stage play adapted from a novel or a film and television often sees not a story, but a different interpretation of the familiar scene by the director. In order to highlight the difference, the drama version of "To Youth" has changed in the plot. "We made some adjustments to the fate of the characters and made it more beautiful. For example, during the youth period, Zheng Wei chased Chen Xiaozheng, but later Chen Xiaozheng came back to chase Zheng Wei. He experienced everything and suddenly realized. Both will be very strong. Contrast, but the relationship of feelings is from beginning to end. For example, in the drama, Chen Xiaozheng is not on the road to success through utilitarian marriage, but in his own efforts to succeed. The outcome is also unexpected." Motor disclose. The reason for this adaptation is to make the plot more fresh, to make the audience happy, and to believe in the existence of the truth. Correspondingly, in the expression technique, the drama adopts the form of “interlaced time”. The actors are intertwined in various identities. The roles in youth are the encounters and dialogues after they grow up. However, in the eyes of the motor, these are just representations on the stage and are not important. "The important thing is the concept of transmission, the connection between 'to be youthful' and 'positive youth', 'to be youthful' is the death of youth, 'positive youth' is what we are still experiencing." Talking about the cooperation with He Nian, the motor said "This is a process of bridging the world view. He is more mature than me, so it is more bloody for me to grasp the perspective of the whole drama and the definition of youth." As for whether the play is still full of funny elements, The verses are frequent, and the motor says: "Humor is definitely there. We don't accept the old. But the times are changing too fast. Is it possible to make a golden sentence? I can't say it. Overall, it is sorrowful." This time, it is the first stop of the national tour of the drama "To Youth".