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The 11th Music and Dance Festival invites you to watch 2014-09-16


As an important event of the first civic culture and art festival, the 11th Ningbo Music and Dance Festival will be held from September 20th to 21st at the Ningbo Cultural Square Grand Theatre. Representative teams from 11 counties (cities) and Ningbo National High-tech Zone, Daxie Development Zone and Dongqian Lake Tourism Resort will present more than 40 music and dance works they have carefully created. The city people sent a golden autumn cultural feast. Members of the public who are interested in viewing can pick up free tickets at the guardian's office on the first floor of the City Cultural Center (No. 117, Yaoxing Street). The number is limited, while stocks last. According to the person in charge of the Municipal Cultural Center, the Music and Dance Festival was held to promote the mass literary and artistic creation team of the city, and to launch a group of outstanding artistic creation and performance talents. The literary creations of the city in recent years were fed back to the people and enriched the cultural life of the people. The Music and Dance Festival is held every three years and has been successfully held for 10 sessions. Last year, the city's sound and dance creations achieved a bumper harvest, and won 7 national “Star Awards”, which accounted for half of the province's awards. In order to prepare for the next National "Stars Award", this year's Music and Dance Festival awards will be integrated into the provincial "Stars" competition, which will be divided into three groups: adult, children and seniors. Music and dance will be selected for each group. Works creation, performance gold, silver, bronze awards, and set up outstanding team awards and outstanding organization awards.