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Xiangshan Tourism Microfilm - Premiere of "Moe Cat Mountain Travel" 2014-09-16


Yesterday morning, the premiere of Xiangshan Tourism Microfilm "Meng Mao Xiang Shan Travel Notes" was held in the Xiangshan Times Golden Globe Studios. The film blends the lively and lovely cute cats with the beauty of Xiangshan cuisine, with a look of cute cats. It shows the unique island style of Xiangshan, a fishing port, and tells the romantic and beautiful love journey of two people, two cats like mountains and love. The film follows the cute cat travel route, showing the popular scenic spots such as Shipu Fishing Port Ancient City, Chinese Fishing Village and Xiangshan Film and Television City, highlighting the golden sand beach, bathing beach, Amitabha Temple, wedding and love shooting base of Xiangshan Mountain Coastal Resort. The scenic spot, in the form of a cat travels, summarizes the folk customs of Xiangshan in the fishing port in a simple and comprehensive way, and creates a comfortable and comfortable tourist image of the Xiangshan Peninsula.