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The 13th awards of the International Short Film Week are unveiled. 2014-09-28


At the closing ceremony, Chinese and foreign judges and filmmakers set foot on the red carpet of the Ningbo Cultural Square Grand Theatre. (Photo by Zhou Jianping) Last night, the first Ningbo Culture Square International Short Film Week, which lasted for 6 days, was successfully concluded at the Cultural Square Grand Theatre. The four major competitions of "International Short Film", "Chinese Short Film", "Documentary Short Film" and "Children Short Film" The 13 awards of the unit were announced one by one. Vice Mayor Zhang Minghua and others presented awards to the winners. In the international short film unit, the best film award is taken by Columbia Ivan D. Gona's "Portrait"; the best animation award is the German director Robert Roybel's "Wind" and the Scottish "I am Tom Moody"; The Best Drama Award is the "Most People" in the UK; two special nominations were awarded to Estonian's "Flying Mill" and the British "Bar". In the Chinese short film unit, the special nomination award was given to the young director Lin Yude of Hong Kong, China, "I don't know and unknown"; the best animation award was released by Chinese Taiwanese director Shi Minghui's film "Lonely Pier"; the best drama award is Chinese director Guo Sanpi's "Black Short Life". In the documentary short film unit, the special nomination prize is the "truth 2.0" co-produced by Germany and Mexico; the first prize is the British "special effect medicine". In the children's short film unit, the jury award was given to France's "5 meters 80"; the audience award was spent on Mozambique's "Change".