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Ningbo National Collection Museum National Day 2014-09-30


The collection museums in the city celebrated the National Day and launched a variety of activities. The day before, the 5th Anniversary of the Zhangzhou Educated Youth Museum and the housewarming celebration were held in Xujia Village, Hengzhou, Zhangzhou. The museum has a special exhibition hall of the national educated youth elite list, Ningbo Zhiqing Qun Ying Gallery, the educated youth stage, and the educated youth exhibition, with a total area of ​​3,500 square meters. On the 27th, Zhangzhou Gaoqiao Home Museum held a series of activities such as “He Guoqing” Association, “Yi Xin De Hou·He Hua Birthday”, and the calligraphy of famous calligraphy and exhibitions. Zou Daming, the party secretary of the Municipal Federation of Literature and Art, led the famous calligraphy artists Chen Qiyuan and Shen Yuankui. Li Xingxiang, Mao Yanping, Zhang Zhongliang and other people splashed ink and attracted many people to visit. Wang Shengda Museum launched the "Experience Traditional Non-legacy Skills" and the Ancient House Craft Brick Sculpture Exhibition, and exhibited rare ancient brick carvings 200. The remaining pieces; Ningbo Garment Museum launched a three-month Chinese-foreign locks exhibition on the 26th. A total of 155 boxes, padlocks, wooden locks, silver locks and copper hinges have been exhibited since the Ming and Qing Dynasties. In addition, during the National Day of the Wedding Customs Museum of Yinzhou District, a public welfare wedding photography and wedding photography competition will be held. The Gengze Stone Carving Museum held the Jiangnan Minqing Cylinder Exhibition and the 4th generation of the "Zhejiang Laozi" Wang Shengda's comic strip exhibition. Ninghai Yuchao City Chengshi Stone Studio held a four-day "China's first Qiqi gem public welfare exchange meeting". According to the reporter's understanding, yesterday, the opening ceremony of the “Wang Yuanzhang Spirit” series of activities and the national key cultural relics protection unit of the mountainous area in Yinzhou District was held. This is the only museum built by the city's indoor and outdoor joints.