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The drama series "Pharmaceutical Street" tells the story of the market 2014-09-30


A shot from the drama "Pharmaceutical Street" in the drama. (Reporter Zhou Jianping) "Daiyue Qianzhuang", "Ximen Police Station", "Red Satin Shop", "Gorgeous Clinic"... A group of simple and lively people on the medicine street in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China. The beautiful drama, one of the interesting and touching stories, constitutes a vivid picture of life in Ningbo’s Old City. The drama series "Pharmaceutical Street" will be officially launched on the third channel of Ningbo TV Station on October 12. The drama drama "Pharmaceutical Street" was produced by Ningbo Culture, Radio, Film and Television Press and Publication Bureau, and the Ningbo Culture and Art Research Institute was jointly launched with Ningbo Performing Arts Group and the International Cultural and Sports Channel of Ningbo Radio and Television Group. Guo Guoqiang, president of the Ningbo Culture and Art Research Institute, said yesterday that as a national-level intangible cultural heritage, the city has been actively seeking effective protection, inheritance and dissemination methods for many years. In 2012, Ningbo Culture and Art Research Institute (Ningbo City Opera Drama Center) and Ningbo TV Station "Ala Speaking Avenue · Life Edition" jointly produced "Speaking Avenue" "甬剧栏目". After the program was broadcast, it was popular among the audience, and the ratings have always been at the forefront of the channel. This provides a basis for confidence in the launch of the drama "Pharmaceutical Street". He said: "This time, the Municipal Academy of Culture and Art created a script based on the full exploration of local cultural characteristics. The troupe is responsible for the vocal design and preliminary rehearsal, and the TV station will present the creation of the first two in accordance with the laws of the TV series. It can be said that "Pharmaceutical Street" is a brand new TV work that has both the local artistic characteristics of Ningbo and the rich expression means of modern media." Shen Huiying, a savvy and capable Jinjia Laotai, who is eager to go to the city, is over-the-top "There is also a rickshaw driver, sitting in the middle of the lang, "Pharmaceutical Street" shows a quaint and nostalgic city map, the main role played by the Ningbo troupe's Wang Jinwen, Yan Jie, Yan Yaozhong and a group of outstanding young actors, Wang Ayi (Wang Jian), the host of the "Speaking Avenue" program familiar to the audience, and Qing Qing also played an important role in the drama. This scene showcases the Ningbo, Ningbo, Ningbo, and Ningbo plays. The local features are distinctive, the content is close to the people, and the light comedy style is entertaining. "Pharmaceutical Street" is the preservation and reproduction of the local language. Not only the old audience will have emotional resonance, but the young people will also utter the sigh of the old base Ningbo." The performance artist of the drama, Shen Huiying, actress Wang Jinwen believes that The drama series "Pharmaceutical Street" broadens the field of performance and expression of the drama, giving young actors and actresses more opportunities to show themselves and attract more young audiences. The amateur drama team such as Jiang Shanyu Opera Troupe and Xia Yingying Troupe also made a guest appearance in the play, which played a role in promoting and promoting the inheritance and development of the drama.