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Ningbo Museum received the Qingtian stone carving works 2014-10-09


Yesterday morning, the Ningbo Museum received two pieces of Qingtian stone carvings, which were from Qingtian stone carving masters Lin Guanbo and Xia Weimei. At the donation ceremony, Ji Yunfei, director of the Ningbo Museum, presented the collection certificates to the two masters. Both Lin Guanbo and Xia Weimei are well-known masters of Qingtian stone carving, and were awarded the titles of “Masters of Chinese Arts and Crafts” and “Masters of Arts and Crafts in Hangzhou”. Their works are ingeniously crafted and meticulously crafted, and have won numerous provincial and ministerial arts and crafts awards, and have been collected by many museums at home and abroad. The works that the Ningbo Museum received were Lin Guanbo's "Mountains outside Xiaozhuang" and Xia Weimei's "Baoshan Spring Scenery". "Xiaowai Xiaozhuang" is 25 cm high, 18 cm wide and 13 cm thick. Lin Guanbo uses the three colors of the door as the raw material, and uses the exquisite round carvings and enamel carvings, the high-level reliefs and thin meanings to show the beautiful landscape of the small village outside the mountain. Xia Weimei's "Baoshan Chunjing" is 50 cm high, 45 cm wide and 22 cm thick. It utilizes the four national stone Qingtian gate sapphire, vividly showing the beautiful scenery of Qingtian. The work is ingeniously designed, vivid and beautiful. According to Xia Weimei, earlier, she had promised that the director of the Ningbo Museum, Ji Yunfei, would donate his own satisfaction to the Ningbo Museum, so that the citizens of Ningbo would appreciate the glorious national stone. In order to make this promise, she began to conceive design from last year, and completed the work of Baoshan Chunjing in September this year. “Shi Yun Feng Hua – Lin Guanbo, Xia Weimei Master Qingtian Stone Carving Art Exhibition” ushered in tens of thousands of spectators during the National Day, and the exhibition will last until October 17.