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"Natural Stage" Culture Huimin Activities 2014-10-09


Last night, the most recent drama of the Ningbo Performing Arts Group, "Feng Jie", was performed at the Zhenhai Seamen's Club. The 1,100 seats on the scene were packed. In fact, this is also the first performance of the “natural stage” culture to benefit the people. “Natural Stage Culture Huimin Performance” is the latest initiative of the cultural department in charge of Ningbo in public cultural services. It can be called an upgraded version of “Thousands of dramas to the countryside”, and the subsidy for performances has been upgraded from a single game to now all the performances are financed by the government. Pay the bill. It is understood that the "Natural Stage Culture Huimin Performance" procurement announcement has attracted the participation of the provincial and overseas performance groups since its release in August this year. The various repertoires created by Ningbo Performing Arts Group also entered the procurement catalogue, not only the dance drama "Shili Red Makeup and Daughter Dream", but also the drama "Ding Wife", "Building Dreams", Yue Opera "Smog Celadon" and "Ronghua Dream". The finest repertoire, as well as the latest works by the dialect drama "Three Masters", the drama "Love You", and the children's play "Little Red Riding Hood". Last night's Yue opera "Feng Jie", as the first performance, took the lead in "debut" and was warmly welcomed by the local people. Everyone said that they would like to appreciate such high-quality repertoire in the future.