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Record life with pen and ink 2014-10-11


The corner of the exhibition. (Photo by Zhou Jianping) In his spare time, he will go back to the beach to sketch, and hang a camera on the mountain forest to take a beautiful view... In recent years, with the continuous improvement of urban and rural economic living standards, more and more fans of calligraphy and painting and photography in the city are at the grassroots level. A group of outstanding art, calligraphy and photography art groups have been formed. Yesterday morning, the “2014 Ningbo Excellent Visual Art Group Exhibition” was opened at the Zhenhai Art Museum in Zhenhai. 200 paintings and photographic works of different styles and themes were unveiled, giving the audience a beautiful visual feast. According to Zhang Wugang, a researcher at the Literature and Art Bureau of the Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Television, there are more than 30 visual arts groups in the city, which have become an active artistic landscape in urban and rural areas. Among these grassroots art groups, 16 have won the title of “Zhejiang Visual Arts Excellent Model Team”. This exhibition gathers the works of 20 outstanding groups selected by the whole city. Although these works from the grassroots level still have room for improvement in artistic standards, most of them have a strong sense of life and rich regional characteristics, showing the prosperity of the grassroots visual art creation in our city. These visual arts groups are from Fenghua, Cixi, Xiangshan, Zhangzhou, Zhenhai, Beilun, Jiangdong, Jiangbei and other counties (cities), including the teams of local cultural centers, such as the starlight photography team of Yinzhou District Cultural Center, and the colorful Fenghua art team. Etc. There are also folk grassroots associations with low potential, such as Zhangzhou Xianxiang Hanjiang Book Club, Ningbo Zhiteng Photography Club, Cixi Saturday Studio, and Jiangdong Baihe Street Hetong Photography Association. The colorful Fenghua Art Team was established in 2002. Although it is not a large number of members, it has become the backbone of the art industry in Fenghua. According to Hu Lingling, a member of the art cadre of the Fenghua Cultural Center and a key member of the team, the team formed a strong atmosphere of artistic exchange and exploration through activities such as sketching, communication, seminars and exhibitions. At present, some members of the group have formed their own distinct and unique personal artistic styles. Among them, Wang Haiping's pink paintings were selected for the 12th National Art Exhibition this year. Zhuo Yahui's oil paintings were selected for the 4th National Youth Art Exhibition. Established in 2008, Ningbo Zhiteng Photography Club regularly organizes photography training, lectures, and collecting activities. It also sets the 20th of each month as “Shadow Friends Day” and co-organizes with the City Cultural Center and the Municipal Photographers Association for 7 consecutive years. "Zhi Teng Cup" photography season. In 2009, the club also set up its own website as a communication platform, attracting a large number of photography enthusiasts in the city, and currently has more than 800 registered members. "The increase of Ningbo photography enthusiasts is inseparable from the economic strength of the people. We have a camera and a lens that cost tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of yuan." said Hu Wensheng, head of the Zhiteng Photography Club. It is reported that this exhibition will last until October 31. Each of the visual arts teams participating in the exhibition will also select 5 outstanding works, and recently participated in the “2014 Zhejiang Excellent Visual Art Group Exhibition”.