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China International Vocal Music Competition kicks off, "Women Valu" kicks off for Opera Week 2014-10-14


The 6th China International Vocal Competition, hosted by the Ministry of Culture, will be held in the city from October 20th to 31st. At that time, vocal players from all over the world will gather in Ningbo to compete fiercely. In order to let the public participate in this high-profile vocal competition and enjoy the joy of music, the organizing committee will hold a series of vocal popularization and publicity activities during the competition. "Opera Week" is one of the main events. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the organizing committee that "Opera Week" will invite the Central Opera House to perform three famous operas such as "Women of Valkyrie", "White Haired Girl" and "La Traviata". On the evening of the 20th, the first opera "Wusu" will be unveiled at the Ningbo Cultural Square Grand Theatre. The Central Opera House is a national opera house affiliated with the Ministry of Culture. In recent years, the Central Opera House has introduced and rehearsed a large number of world classic operas, "Women" was created to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the birth of the famous German composer Wagner. Wagner's position in the history of world opera is irreplaceable, and he has made the romantic opera to its peak. He has thoroughly reformed traditional operas and insisted that music must obey the principles of drama content. The reformed opera is called musical. Wagner's "The Ring of Nibelungen" and "Tristan and Isolde" are regarded as the epoch-making classic music, "Women" is the second part of "Nibelungen Ring". Yu Feng, dean of the Central Opera House, said, "In the creation of "Wu Shen", the Central Opera House strives to excavate and restore Wagner's profound musical connotation and spiritual essence."