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The drama "Anzhen" was popular in the United States 2014-10-15


The picture shows the American drama version of "Anzhen" and the drama "Anzhen". On October 13th, local time in the United States, the singer "Anzhen" went to the US cultural exchange drama team to arrive at the second stop, Pennsylvania State University. The school leaders made a special welcoming ceremony for the crew. At 7 o'clock that evening, the drama "Anzhen" crew began the second performance of cultural exchanges with the United States at the Pennsylvania State University Sports Center. The Ningbo Opera Troupe has specially prepared a special folk music performance and a banquet drama for the teachers and students of Pennsylvania State University. They have delivered classic folk music such as "Xi Yang Yang" and "Step by Step" and "An Zhen", "Tian Luo Girl" and "Hot Hooves". These three parts represent the three-dimensional drama of the classic dramas of different eras. The wonderful performances of the actors won warm applause from the audience. After watching the fragment of "Anzhen", the American audience was deeply touched by the drama version of "Anna Christie", and they all expressed the hope that the troupe can play more and let them watch the whole of "Anzhen" field. After the performance, the crew members also held a lecture on "The Art of Appreciation of the Opera" for the audience and the audience, and delivered the CD of "Anzhen". Many viewers on the scene rushed to ask for the disc to be robbed. In addition to the teachers and students of Pennsylvania State University, there are teachers and students from Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pittsburgh and other local residents, including a couple of Chinese professors from Carnegie Mellon University. After learning about the news of the "Ahn's" crew's arrival in the United States, they specially came to watch. Mr. Chen, the vice chairman of the Pittsburgh branch of the China Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology, said that he was willing to organize a commercial performance for the crew. The performance of the drama "Anzhen" crew at the Pennsylvania State University was also supported by Chinese students. In particular, a student from Ningbo, Song Zhiyu, learned that the troupe of his hometown had come to the Pennsylvania State University to take the initiative to request the "ambassador" of the exchange, assist the exchange group in the US, and also act as a translator. Host. It is reported that the exchange group will end the performance on October 15th in the US local time and return to Ningbo.