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Cultural feast is connected to the atmosphere 2014-11-03


Recently, Song Jianling, a citizen of Yuyao, conquered nearly 1,000 spectators on the stage of the Longshan Theater with an intriguing "Qi Chun" and won the gold prize of the "Yuyao Good Voice·Chinese Dream" new song contest. As an important activity of Yuyao's first people's cultural festival, “Yuyao Good Voice” provides a new platform for music lovers to realize their dreams. "A major feature of this cultural festival is that the whole party will let the people play the leading role and let more people participate." The organizers of the People's Cultural Festival said that this is a performance of Yuyao's cultural construction achievements in recent years. It is understood that Yuyao gives full play to the important role of culture leading direction and cohesive strength. Only last year, two provincial-level central villages, the National Fitness Plaza, 10 corporate culture centers, 30 ball museums and 50 outdoor fitness paths were built. 22 new “Happy Stages” were set up, 400 performances were distributed throughout the year, 3,000 movies were broadcast, and 80 lectures were held... The mass culture was accumulated and the two-month wonderful cultural festival was completed. Open the list of activities, the people's cultural festival is divided into "China Dream", "Yao Jiang Yangge", "Stars and Gathering", "Allah Stage" four topics, both "excellent big meal" and "flavor snacks", city, town There are 46 mass cultural events arranged at two levels. Hundreds of cultural feasts cover festivals, cultural services, cultural and sports events, counseling and training, exhibitions and other forms. Ordinary people have become the real "lead" of Yuyao's cultural feast. Fengshan Street arranged nearly 20 festivals. Although there were many activities, because the stage was headed by the masses, the cultural cadres at all levels who had been busy with it were idle. “It’s more difficult to engage in such a large-scale event in the past. I will implement the program early, contact the performance team, and then start to supervise the rehearsal. Now, just talk to the person in charge of the amateur literary team and there will be a lot of programs to report.” Street Culture Stationmaster Wang Xiaolai was deeply touched.