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"Little Teresa" Sheng Yan reappears Deng classic 2014-11-04


On November 6th, "Reappearing a Billion of Applause" Teresa Teng's classic song tour will be unveiled at the Ningbo Grand Theatre. The most recognized "Little Teresa Jun" by Yan Lijun's family, Sheng Yan, will sing more than 30 classic Tang Lijun classics. . Special concerts were arranged at the concert, and Sheng Yan said that she would do her best to meet the requirements of fans. Since 2005, Sheng Yan has successfully held more than 200 "Teng Lijun Classic Songs" concerts around the world. She has performed the "Dun's aria" in full swing, with both forms and spirits, even the lingering songs, even the senior fans Hard to tell. Sheng Yan said that she spent more than 10 years and practiced imitation for at least 3 hours a day: "Even if the sounds are similar, it is very difficult to be vivid. Teresa Teng sings in addition to the sweet sound and the flavor, the breath control and the pronunciation of the words are very good. Features, especially biting is the most difficult to imitate. Only by grasping these key points can we change from 'several image' to 'very like'." Sheng Yan pursues not only "sound similarity", but also every performance. Dressed in the copy of Teresa Teng's costumes, asking for their own body, doing pies, and laughing at each other must be like Teresa Teng. She is also the most recognized Tang's vocal heir to the family of Teresa Teng, and was hailed by the audience as "turning around, is Teresa Teng." The concert will reproduce the grand occasion of the "One Billion Applause" concert of Teresa Teng. Sheng Yan will re-interpret more than 30 "Tang Lijun Classic Songs" that are familiar to everyone in Chinese, Japanese, Cantonese, Taiwanese and English, including "Small Town Story", "Sweet Honey" and "The Moon Represents My Heart". As the accompaniment to the concert, the Shanghai Yanle Light Music Group Shengyan exclusive band will try to use the new modern symphonic accompaniment for the first time to ensure the best sound.