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Modern urban drama "The dream comes true" Xiangshan framing 2014-11-05


Yesterday, the modern urban drama "The Dream Come True" starring Yang Shuo and Zeng Yongyu was filmed in Xiangshan Film Studio. "A Dream Comes True" tells the inspirational story of the ordinary hero and heroine who worked hard all the way, overcome many difficulties, and finally dreamed of their dreams and careers. This drama is different from the short expressions of the parents of urban dramas in the past, but it pays more attention to the core and spirit, reflecting the history of the post-80s growth and hard work. There are laughter and tears in the story, and the joy and pain of growing up. In the play, Yang Shuo, who plays the male No. 1 Lin Lishu, once starred in "Life and Death Line", "Woman of the Knife Family", "God Dogs" and other works, and shaped four lines, Yu Hualong and Guo Youdong. Impressive screen image. Lin Lishu, who plays this time, is a general staff member of the company. He has no car or room, but he is intimate and delicate. He is also very reliable. He treats his girlfriend with white flowers and is a true heart. Occasionally, he will be romantic again. It is reported that this is the first time that a modern urban drama has been filmed in Xiangshan Film and Television City.