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"Buddha Monk" CCTV hit 2014-11-17


The afternoon before yesterday, the city's original large-scale anime "Bag Little Monk" entered the Nantang Old Street and interacted with the public. The little monk of the bag is the original animated image of Ala. It is a clever, naughty child wearing a sly, humorous, humorous, respectful and loving, and helpful. The image of this cute and welcoming little monk was welcomed by many children. At present, "Bag Little Monk" is on the CCTV Children's Channel "Animation Theater", which tells the story of a big belly monk with a bag hanging in Fenghua Snow Dou Temple, using his ingenuity and magical bag to help the people to achieve justice. "The first season is broadcast on CCTV, and the second season is close to the end of production. It has been scheduled by CCTV early. During the winter vacation this year, it will also be broadcast on Zhejiang Satellite TV, Beijing Satellite TV and other mainstream TV channels and Youku, potatoes and other websites. The meeting today is to let more people know that this is a Ningbo original anime film that was born at Fenghua Xuedou Temple and promoted Ningbo's local culture. Chen Danlei, the person in charge of the product, told the reporter. Chen Danlei said that the "Baby Little Monk" drama is divided into 10 seasons, a total of 500 episodes. Next, the main creation will walk into the campus to collect stories from the children and adapt their stories into scripts. “This will not only make the little monk more grounded, but also enable children to realize their dreams.”