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2014 People's Literature Awards Announced 2014-11-17


The day before yesterday, the 2014 People's Literature Award was announced at Lu Xun College of Literature and an award ceremony was held. The writer of the city, Pati Guli, is famous on the list of "The Tongue of Language Competition". This is another heavyweight domestic literature award after Pati Guli has won the 4th New Permissions Prose in 2012, the National Literature Award in 2012, and the Best Chinese Prose Award in the Prose Selection. Married from distant Xinjiang to Yuyao, Pattyguri has lived in the Jiangnan Water Village for 20 years and is now the director of the special issue of the "Yuyao Daily". In her life, she has been "staged" in the collision and blending of different regional cultures in the North and the South. Five years ago, Pattyguli began experimenting with a series of contrasting writings on North and South culture. The 2012 essay "Life of the Imitator" is a representative of this series, and won several awards such as the 2012 National Literature Award for the National Literature and the Best Chinese Prose Award for the Prose. The work “The Tongue of Language Competition”, which has just won the “People's Literature Award”, is another new work in this series of writings. In these contrastive writings on North and South culture, Pattyguri often “analyzes himself as a specimen” to analyze the collisions of different cultures, the traces left in her life, and the generations of her life. The role and significance. In the interview, Pattyguri admits that the future work will turn more to the creation of novels. At the end of this year, she has written more than three years of novel "The Year of the Blood" is about to be published. It is understood that in the selection of the People's Literature Awards, the competition for novels is particularly fierce. In the end, Liu Xinglong's "蟠虺" and Yan Geling's "Mother is a city" won the excellent novel award, and the cultural content of "蟠虺" Both the actual and the questioning show the author's exquisite skill; "Mother is a city" has contributed a new group of contemporary gamblers to literature. Shao Li's "The Fortieth Circle" and Yu Yu's "New Record" won the excellent middle prize. The excellent short story was won by Zhu Wenying's "Staring at the Marina" and to "The Lucky and His Friends" by Yan Tie. Khan’s “Gynecological Ward, or an Art” and Pattyguri’s “The Tongue of Language Competition”, Ji Demajia’s “I, Snow Leopard” and Ma Xinchao’s “Central Plains Poetry” won the Excellent Prose Award and Poetry award. This year's special award was awarded to the old poet Li Wei's "The Six Chapters of the Huaihuai". The newly added translation award was awarded to Joshua Dyer and Eleanor Goodman.