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Members of the literary and art circles focus on Chinese outstanding traditional culture 2018-03-20


The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that it is necessary to "promote international communication capacity building, clarify the Chinese story, show real, three-dimensional and comprehensive China, and improve the national cultural soft power." The government work report of the two sessions this year also pointed out that "to promote China's excellent traditional culture" and "deepening Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges." Nowadays, in the international arena and the wider world in the world, the promotion of China's excellent traditional culture has become an important path to highlight the soft power of China's culture and to let the people of the world understand China. "We must break through the Chinese circle and enter the hearts of local people." In this year's two sessions, many members of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference coincided and agreed on this issue. They believe that the ultimate goal of culturalism is not only to benefit overseas Chinese, but also to enter the life circle of the local mainstream people, so that they have the urge and desire to further understand the Chinese traditional culture. Committee member Luo Wei: Looking for a match with local culture Today, Chinese traditional culture is getting more and more international attention. The Chinese engraved art with more than 3,000 years of history is also exploring how to go out better. This is also a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and the China Academy of Art. Luo Wei, Dean of the Chinese Academy of Engraving Arts, has been thinking about and putting into practice the old subject. According to Luo Wei, in 2017, she undertook the design and engraving task of the launching ceremony of the BRICS National Culture Festival sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, and engraved the "China, Brazil, Russia, India, South Africa" ​​five major seals; 2017 On September 4th, the leaders of the BRICS countries unveiled the curtain of the Cultural Festival in a way that covered the "China Seal" - the Five Kingdoms. “The art of engraving, which appears in the international perspective, expresses and displays not only the engraving itself, but also the traditional Chinese culture.” Luo Wei said. Luo Wei said that when Chinese traditional culture goes out, it must constantly seek a match with local culture. In 2012, she held a solo exhibition at the Royal College of Art in London, China. She engraved the famous words of Newton and Shakespeare in the seal, allowing visitors to experience the "Chinese style" interpretation of Western culture, which brought the distance between Chinese engraving art and visitors. “When we introduce Chinese traditional culture, we must let foreign audiences feel the connection with their own culture, so visitors will feel very cordial and more acceptable. When going out, we must respect and be good at combining, using, Comparing the local culture.” Luo Wei said frankly that in the process of going out, Chinese artists must have the courage to face the eyes and evaluation of foreign audiences. Only by entering the cultural circle and life circle of the local people can we realize mutual understanding of civilization. The true meaning. Mr. Sheng Xiaoyun: Let the world experience China's beauty and fall in love with Chinese culture. “Currently, Chinese culture is faced with problems such as multi-sectoral administration and lack of unified brand.” National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and Pingtan performance artist Sheng Xiaoyun said, “Some satisfied with a few The performance of the performance called the culture to go out. In fact, it only went to the Chinese overseas Chinese. It did not go to the local mainstream people. It did not emphasize and highlight the display and experience of Chinese beauty, and did not play a sufficient role in spreading Chinese culture." In this year's two sessions, Sheng Xiaoyun brought the "Proposal on Promoting "Cultural Going Out" and Letting "World Experience China Beauty". She suggested that the relevant state departments should work together to create a unified brand for Chinese culture to go out. She suggested "China Beauty" as a unified brand and "Let the World Experience China Beauty" as a unified theme. "Beauty is a subjective feeling based on objective facts. It is the result of culture that is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. When the object of culture going out truly recognizes the beauty of China and experiences the beauty of China, Chinese culture can be upgraded to go in and out." Sheng Xiaoyun said. Sheng Xiaoyun believes that the state should adopt incentives to encourage more enterprises and individuals to participate in the cause and industry that promotes China's beauty to the world and the world to experience China's beauty; broaden the channels and fields of communication with the world, strengthen communication, and optimize communication. The layout allows the world to feel more about Chinese beauty and experience Chinese beauty. Member Liu Yuening: Going out from a shallow level to going deeper into the world. "Music is a common language of human beings. It has the power of 'the world is soft, and the world is the best." To promote Chinese traditional culture, music is impossible. An important element of lack," said Liu Yuening, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and a professor of the Central Conservatory of Music. Liu Yuning cited the experience of promoting traditional folk music in the Central Conservatory of Music and in international communication. In 2013, the Central Conservatory of Music and the Royal Danish Conservatory of Music jointly established the world’s first “Confucius Institute of Music” to start operations; Confucius Institute International Music Summer Camp From the first 10 people in 2014 to the visit of more than 100 music students from five continents... "A piece of real work, let the international humanities exchanges continue to deepen, Chinese culture is going from simple Going out and moving in deep into this goal." Liu Yuening said. How to go from the shallow level to the deeper level? Liu Yuening suggested that special funds could be considered to support the art education and cultural communication experts and teams influential in the field of international humanities exchanges. The “China Music Mobile Classroom” international tour lectures will be held in the form of projects, which will be conducted in mainstream foreign classrooms. Sharing and disseminating, truly realize mutual exchanges with local education and culture.