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The national performance of Ningbo’s national opera “呦呦鹿” was strongly echoed in Beijing. 2018-03-21


On March 18th and 19th, the national opera “Zhulu Ming”, which was created by the city, was played in Beijing Poly Theatre for two consecutive performances, which caused strong reaction from the industry. Yesterday, the National Opera Creation Talents Seminar, organized by the Ministry of Culture, specially discussed "Deer Luming". "Ou Luming", which stands on the national opera stage, shows its unique charm and has received high praise from the industry. Yang Ganwu, president of the Beijing Dramatists Association, said in a comment on the circle of friends: "Tonight I finally saw a satisfactory original opera, a simple, decent, sunny, unique and moving opera." Wang Weiguo, a famous actor at the National Theatre of China, said This is the best opera he has seen recently, whether it is music, performance, or symphony orchestra. Jia Xintian, chairman of the Shanxi Performing Arts Group, believes that the characters of "Zhuluming" are true, there is no face, the language is simple, there is no slogan, and it is not easy to write Tu Yu as such. Ouyang Yibing, dean of the China Children's Art Theatre, said that in terms of scripts, "Lu Luming" provides an example for the creation of contemporary opera scripts. Yesterday morning, the students of the 2018 National Opera Creation Talents Seminar hosted by the Ministry of Culture watched the drama after they watched "Lu Luming". General director Liao Xianghong, composer Meng Weidong, starring Lv Wei, and chairman of Ningbo Performing Arts Group Zou Jianhong were invited to the seminar to introduce the experience and experience. The trainees are the heads, composers, screenwriters and directors of the major colleges and universities in the country. They had a lively discussion on "Lu Luming" and interacted with several founders. Participants from the Hubei Song and Dance Theater said that "Lu Luming" is the "correct way to open" Chinese opera. He believes that the choir has performed very well and played an important role. Wang Xiaobing, a student from the Creative Research and Development Department of Jiangsu Performing Arts Group, said that the relationship between the characters of "Lulu Ming" is clear, the logic of time is clear, the structure of the story is reasonable, and the order is succinct. The lyrics are very lyrical. In addition, the students made a candid recommendation on the problems in the details of "Deer Lun". The founders said that they will fully absorb the experts' suggestions and make continuous improvement, and strive to make "Yuluming" perfect.