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The European Watercolor Art Exhibition was held at the Huigang Art Museum 2018-05-31


Julio Jorge (Portugal)'s work "Hometown Old Farmers" You can enjoy the eyes of the watercolor! A few days ago, "Watercolor Reproduction 2018 - Contemporary European Watercolor Art Exhibition" was held at the Huigang Art Museum. The 72 works of this exhibition were from the hands of 44 artists from 25 European countries. The works were diverse in form and subject matter. Freehand, realistic, and abstract. Watercolor painting is the "Goldbach conjecture" in art. Watercolor art originated in the West. It uses water as a medium to paint on paper with bright and almost transparent watercolor paint. It has a watery, rich and transparent expression. Watercolor painting has always been regarded as a kind of painting with aristocratic tradition in the West, but in China, due to cognitive differences, the importance of watercolor painting is far from expected. In fact, the watercolor paintings are extremely difficult and artistic, and are even called the “Goldbach conjecture” in art. The famous curator Luo Guangyao told reporters that the artists of this exhibition have a strong lineup. Many of them are not only the winners of many important watercolor awards in the world, but also the organizers and planners of the important international watercolor exhibitions, and even the international watercolor competition. The judges, their works have become the representative and benchmark of the international watercolor art community. Watercolor painting has strong regional cultural attributes. According to Luo Guangyao, watercolor painting has strong regional cultural attributes, such as European watercolor language personality, and South Asia Indian watercolor is strong and passionate, Oceania is full of moisture, American tradition and fashion are merged. China's watercolors have both Western-style paintings and poetic moods, giving the image a rich oriental art atmosphere. Similarly, in Europe, each country also has its own characteristics, such as the British ink painting solid foundation, pay attention to tradition; France and Italy are more romantic, focus on individuality, like the attempt of abstract painting; Portugal, Spain focus on life, passionate and unrestrained; The works of the Nordic countries are mainly based on realism and the style is cold.