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Let the dream of music bloom a large-scale charity event "Star Concert" sang yesterday 2018-06-04


Yesterday afternoon, the third season of "Star Concert" sang in the Cultural Square Grand Theatre. This is a special concert, a concert of love performed by country children and given to more village children and teachers. The performance was attended by the Ziyunying Choir of Maoshan Primary School in Jiangshan Town. The audience included children from the mountains of Ninghai’s Shenxu Town Maji Primary School, as well as many country music teachers from all over the province. The concert is divided into four chapters: sowing, growing, metamorphosis, and sticking to the four chapters. "I like" "Snail"... These difficult chorus songs are perfectly performed by the children, or unrestrained or affectionate or witty or soothing. The children on the stage were filled with happy and confident performances, deeply infecting and moving the audience. It is hard to imagine that the vast majority of these rural children have not been exposed to formal music education. Yesterday, they performed a high-quality concert of their own. "Star Concert" is a social welfare activity. It has been successfully held for two sessions since 2016, with the theme of caring for "autistic children" and "difficult children". The theme of the third season of "Star Concert" is "Assisting Rural School Music Art Education". The event was co-sponsored by Ningbo Charity Federation, Ningbo Municipal Education Bureau, Ningbo Civil Affairs Bureau and Ningbo Radio and Television Group; Ningbo Music Broadcasting FM98.6, Jiangshan Town Maoshan Primary School Ziyunying Chorus; Yanzhou District Education Bureau, The Jiangshan Town People's Government and the Ningbo Evening News co-organized.